Actress Dawn Steele who debuts as Consultant Ange Godard in tonight’s Holby City appeared on Lorraine today giving a further insight into her character who joins Holby with a dark secret.

Speaking to Lorraine about her character she described her as ‘very emotional’ and touchy feel and comparing her as the polar opposite of Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel) adding that there’s a lot more to her character than what first meets the eye.

Dawn said she knew Tom Campbell-Gore (Denis Lawson) which she jokingly said was good considering she had to give him CPR during some of their first scenes together. She also stated she knew previous cast member Joe McFadden who had given her lots of advice for her first day on set.

She finished off by saying she was looking forward to having familiarity in her new acting job. Dawn has previously starred in Wild at Heart, River City and Monarch of the Glen amongst various other shows.

Dawn debuts as Consultant Ange Godard in tonights episode ‘China Crisis’. You can see her full interview on Lorraine below.