Played by Dan Rymer

15/09/2001 (S16 E1)

21/06/2003 (S17 E40)

Grade F Nurse

Dillon was a great asset to the team. He was a real character who was always there to help his friends and stick by them. He was prepared to bend the rules to help out someone and always managed to make a joke out of a situation. However, he also had a serious side, which would show how sensitive he could be. He knew where the limits were and loved his job. He was extremely dedicated and hard working.

Dillon was a confident man who wasn’t afraid to stand up for himself. He had a strong sense of what was right, but tended to take things a little overboard. He was shocked to find out that some people thought he was gay but took it in his stride.

He was dependable and always wore his heart on his sleeve. Dillon is kind, loyal, man of his word, funny, cute.

Dillon was last seen on Jack and Nikki’s wedding day when he was shot en route to the wedding. That was the last of Dillon we saw. It was unconfirmed whether he survived or not.