Elle Gardner


Played by Jaye Griffiths

07/05/2016 (S30 E34)

25/05/2019 (S33 E36)

Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Elle Gardner is a consultant in emergency medicine, and is always on the ball to ensure that her patients receive 5-star treatment. With three chaotic teenage boys to look after at home, Elle somewhat treats work as a break from being a mother and a chance for her to mingle with her colleagues.

Elle was brought into the department by CEO Henrik Hanssen in May 2016 as a replacement for Zoe Hanna. However, little did anyone know that the two had a history going way back and had been close friends for a while. Elle didn’t make the best first impressions on the department when she accidentally dropped Charlie in it for what she assumed was him stealing drugs. Despite this, she’s been able to win back most of her colleagues’ trust – with the exception of Connie.

Connie’s suspicions that Elle is out for her job have been high, particularly following Connie’s car crash when Elle stepped in as acting Clinical Lead. Although Elle’s friendship with Hanssen could get her potentially career-changing opportunities within the department, she goes with her initial thoughts and therefore what she sees will be the best for the ED and its patients.

Family: Carl (son), Kalen (son), Luca (son)