Played by​ Paul Bradley

08/11/2005 (S8 E4)

22/09/2015 (S17 E50)

Last Appearance:
10/12/2019 (S21 E50)

Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon & Professor

Lovable and bumbling, cardiothoracic consultant Elliot Hope is one of life’s thinkers, treading the line between genius and eccentricity. Though disorganised, Elliot thrives on chaos. Do not be fooled; his surgical skills are as sharp as the scalpel he holds.

Elliot is renowned for his sweet tooth and his health has suffered – in these times of efficiencies, can this old-school surgeon keep up with his younger surgical contemporaries.

Previous Positions:

  • Darwin Clinical Lead (2005, 2010–15)


  • Elliott joined Holby City Hospital on 08/11/2005 (S8 E4)
  • Has two children – James and Martha.
  • Wife Gina committed assisted suicide in 2006
  • His wife’s ashes are scattered in Holby’s peace garden.
  • Elliot has an OBE.
  • He’s had surgery on his brain by Guy Self
  • Elliott left Holby on the 22/09/2015 (S17 E50), and went to Pakistan to treat patients
  • He came back to Holby on the 05/11/2019 (S21 E45), due to having issues with his heart and required treatment.
  • Elliott left on the 10/12/2019 (S21 E50) and announced to Jac that he’s retiring from medicine to focus on family life.