Ethan Hardy


Played by​ George Rainsford

11/01/2014 (S28 E20)

Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Ethan Hardy is a consultant in emergency medicine who started working at Holby over three years ago, in January 2014. After completing work experience with HEMS in London for a year, Ethan went in to specialise in emergency medicine.

To his shock, a week after his arrival his brother Cal began working in the ED too. Having not spoken for a number of years, there was tension between the duo at first, but they eventually came to realise that blood is thicker than water. However, since Alicia’s return to the department in July 2016, they’ve been once again competing against each other – this time for her. However, there’s only so much their relationship can take.

Early 2017 Cal and Alicia was in a relationship, a couple of months later Alicia has an affair with Ethan where his cuff-link is left behind, at Charlie’s stag do Ethan is confused as to the way Cal is behaving. In April 2017, Cal organised a strike for doctors, where he goes confronts Ethan and Alicia he tells Ethan they he is happy for him that that he should take Alicia out. With Scott wanting to get revenge for the death of his father (Roy Ellison), Cal protects Ethan by starting a fight, where he is later stabbed. Whilst at the pub with Alicia, Ethan is ignoring his phone – Max later finds him, and tells Ethan and Alicia to get back to the hospital where Ethan sees his brother dead in resus.

Previous Positions:

  • Registrar in Emergency Medicine (2014-18)
  • Acting Lead Consultant in Emergency Medicine (2018)

​Family: Caleb Knight (brother;deceased)