New comer Christian Vit, who is set to play new consultant Matteo Rossini, exclusively spoke to Entirely Holby….
Did you do any special preparation for your role in Holby City?
Yes, I shadowed a surgeon in a real life hospital during his clinic and surgical sessions.
What was your first day on Holby City like?
Amazing, I was very excited and I felt immediately part of the team.
What do you think Matteo’s strengths are?
Matteo is a half-full glass of man and his positive, passionate and charming attitude can take the best out of people. He is very meticulous, confident and not afraid of being adventurous in breaking some rules to achieve outstanding results.
What are Matteo’s weaknesses?
He can be confrontational and he likes complicated women!
Is there a particular actor you’ve enjoyed working with since joining the cast?
I’ve been enjoying very much working with all my colleagues.
Were you a fan of the show before you joined?
I knew the show since I arrived in London and I enjoyed watching!
How do we first meet Matteo?
Matteo’s arrival in the show reflects a lot his personality: very Mediterranean, romantic, passionate and assertive. But I’m not going to spoil it before the episode is aired!
Who does he bond with from the team? Any potential romances for him in the future?
His charming attitude allows him to get easy allies with the staff he works with and of course there will be space for romances.
How have you settled into the show so far?
I’m really enjoying every single day I’m on the set, I feel part of a big family.
How have you been with the blood and gore side to Holby?
I have been very impressed by how realistic the operations are when we film the scenes in the operating theatre. Unexpectedly I’ve found myself not fazed at all but very inspired instead.
What about all the long medical terms, do you find them difficult to learn?
Considering that many medical terms derive from Latin, being Italian my former language makes the learning easier for me.
Watch Christian’s first appearance Tuesday 29th November!