Entirely Holby exclusively spoke to neurosurgeon Guy Self, actor John Michie.

John Michie as Guy Self in Holby City
We last saw Guy last November – what has he been up to?
Guy has been working in the private health sector and having therapy for his mental health problems. 
What is Guy’s relationship like with Nina Karnik?
Guy sees Nina as someone he can manipulate. 
What did you do whilst you was away from Holby, was there anything you missed most?
Whilst I was away, I performed in two plays in Edinburgh- one was a new play called ‘Grain in the Blood’ and one was Shakespeare ‘The Winters Tale’.
How’s Guy’s relationship with his daughter Zosia?
Their relationship is completely dysfunctional.
Is there any exciting storylines coming up for Guy?
Oh Yes! Wait and see. All around Zosia and Ollie’s wedding. 
What did you like most about being on stage?
I always like the danger of being on stage!
What was your last day like when you left Holby and what was your first day like back at Holby?
I was sad when I left and very happy on my first day back! 
What was the response/reaction like when fans found out you was returning?
It was mixed, a lot of love and then some hate.
Would you say your best known for your part as Guy Self or as Corrie’s Karl Munro?
After this storyline, I would say Guy Self!
Is there anything else you can tell us about what’s ahead? 
A lot of pain – wait and see!