Former CEO of Holby City hospital Guy Self aka John Michie reveals all that’s coming up for his character and more. Exclusively to Entirely Holby….

Guy Self played by John Michie

Are there any exciting storylines coming up for your character?
Leading up to Christmas, Guy is very much beleaguered by all the strongwomen in his life being with him on Darwin. He still has a gripe with his ex Jac who dumped him for Jonny the last time he saw her and whom he now shares a ward with, so sparks fly, and he’ll find it hard not to interfere when Jac is hard on Zosia. And the heat is on with a bit of upcoming story between Guy’s ex Jac and current squeeze Fran who have a massive problem with each other.

How do you find the medical terms now you have been in the show for almost 3 years?
On the whole fine, but occasionally the writers throw in something obscure. My first day was the worst when I had to say “you’ve got a pirocytic cerebella astrocytoma” so everything since then has been easy!

We saw that Guy & Henrik come to blows when he returned, is there more of that to come?
Guy and Henrik will always come to blows because they are diametrically opposite as characters.

Is there any cast member that you would like more scenes with?
Ollie. Guy doesn’t like him and it would be an interesting clash.

How does Jac feel about Guy being on Darwin in next week’s episode as it’s her first day back?
Jac and Guy are two of a kind so clash at work because they both want to be top dog.

If you got to choose a character to play, who would it be and why?
Fletch, because he’s at the other end of the hospital hierarchy and it would be interesting to play a down to earth character who has no managerial responsibilities.

As we have already seen that Guy is being funded for his new Neuro Center, does Guy clash with anyone during this time?
Guy will always clash with people where his precious Neuro Centre is concerned.

Do you have the father & daughter bond with Camilla off-screen like you do on-screen?
No, but we are very good friends with a similar sense of humour!

What would you like to see happen to your character in the long run?
To go out with a beautiful woman which eventually ends in disaster!

What has been your favourite scene in Holby since you have been on the show?
My favourite episode recently was on the 3rd of November written by Michelle Lipton and directed by Ric Platt, where Guy got his mojo back by operating on Patsy Brassvine’s son and had a lovely characterful interaction with Arthur. I loved every scene.