Michael Stevenson (Iain Dean) exclusively spoke to Holby Online
Is there anything exciting coming up for Iain?
The rocky road continues for now. Iain and Lily are so different in many ways it was never going to be plain sailing for them to become an official item. But they do have feelings for each other so hopefully they can sort things out. One particular episode forces them to spend the day together which results in them having a lot of respect for each other as professionals in their own field. 
What was the atmosphere like when filming the One shot episode?
The one shot episode was lots of fun. Particularly when we started to actually record! There was a lot of rehearsal time for technical purposes which was completely necessary but once we started attempting to get the ‘one shot’ we started to play a lot more as actors which is always great.
The crew and production team that pulled it together were completely amazing. I feel like they were the Heroes of the whole thing and it brought us all together and shows us as the very tight company that we are. 
What is coming up for Iain and Lily?
More relationship building and problem solving. Trying to size each other up and decide whether they are willing to take the risk or not. 
What was it like working with Ian Bleasdale (Josh)? And how would you feel working with him full time?
I love working with Iain. We do nothing but natter and put the world to rights. His standing in the shows history as its Paramedic is right up there and for that I have nothing but respect. Same as Jane (Dixie) and Matt (Jeff) that went before me…those 3 are Casualty Paramedic legends so I can only bow down to them and hope I’m doing something right to follow in their footsteps.