Tonight’s episode (January 13) of Casualty which saw the departure of Porter Max Walker, played by Jamie Davis.

Jamie Davis leaves Casualty

Jamie joined the cast of Casualty in October 2013, after Big Mac became a Emergency Care Assistant.

Max’s highlight is when he gets married to Consultant Zoe Hanna, which he later finds out that she slept with someone else the night before they got married. He split with his wife, and Zoe later left to go to America to work alongside old flame Nick Jordan.

Sunetra Sarker returned for Jamie Davis exit

Sunetra Sarker reprised her role as Zoe Hanna for this one episode, due to Jamie leaving the show. In tonight’s episode we saw Zoe leaving Holby, and Max met her on the plane to go to America with her – after all a happy ever after for Zax fans.

Former Casualty Series Producer Erika Hossington, tweeted “we always ❤️#zax”