Holby City fans haven’t got much longer to wait, until Serena Campbell played by Catherine Russell is back on screen. After taking a break from the medical drama.

Catherine took to Twitter “Just heard that I will definitely be back filming #HolbyCity next month. So Ms Campbell will be back on your box in February. 😊”

The Holby actress tweeted again saying: “1st day back at the hospital. It’s been a fun 9 months of #thumbtwiddling but it’s time to wake up Serena Campbell. #HolbyCity here I come!”

Series Producer Kate Hall, announced in an interview with Digital Spy. Kate said “As I was story producer previously, Bernie and Serena is my storyline and I’m highly invested in that.”

She added: “Catherine Russell is having beautiful travels in Europe and having a smashing time, while Jemma Redgrave also wanted a break. I can promise there’s no way I’d work so hard to create something I believe in so fundamentally and then just kick it into the gutter.

Expect to see the much loved surgeon back on our screens in February 2018.