Holby City’s 20th anniversary year has seen the homecoming of several cherished characters. From the sparkling wit and drunken antics of Tom Campbell-Gore to the sexually awakened and twice-Griffin Lola Williams, Holby has gone above and beyond to make this series one to remember. Now with the news that Joseph Byrne, Faye Morton, Elliot Hope and Diane Lloyd are each set to make tumultuous appearances, we ask whether we can push the boat out and imagine our ideal returnees. Here are five treasured characters who we’d love to again grace the wards of Holby City.

  1. Michael Spence

Perhaps too American for some tastes, Michael Spence brought both an unapologetic pizazz and a vanishing private ward to Holby City hospital. Consumed by raunch and a frisky nature, Michael would flirt, cheat, and lie himself out of a marriage during his tenure, as well as sleep with Donna Jackson in the staff toilet stall. Perhaps one of his most memorable mistakes involved the major plastics scandal, where he gave faulty breast implants to his faithful customers, and to which Jac Naylor would gleefully stage a puppet show.

2. Dan Clifford

The one-year wonder, Dan Clifford was a hilariously dry, narcissistic, and unpredictable, rogue. With his silver tongue and dastardly disposition, Dan was the ultimate wind-up-merchant. Christening his registrar Jac Naylor ‘Olive’ – a reference to the stick-thin Popeye character – for the entirety of his reign was a stroke of genius on his part.

3. Mo Effanga

Warm but wild, Mo Effanga stole both ours and Derwood’s hearts during her time on the cardiothoracic ward. With her bubbly energy and desire for good, Mo was Darwin’s moral compass, balancing warring colleagues and dreadful patients. Two births and one brilliant promotion later, she departed, happy and whole with Mr T, leaving a crater of love in her wake. Mo is definitely needed back to inject some fun and joy into the hospital again.

4. Nick Jordan

Brutish and conceited, Nick Jordan has been a part of the show since its conception. Whereas series one saw a confident, charismatic cardiothoracic surgeon – a more tuned-down version of his personality – when Nick returned six years later, he was a cold-hearted bully. He treated women as objects and colleagues as stepping posts on his way to the top, but he is one character that we just love to hate!

5. Jasmine Burrows

Yes, we know she is dead, but so is Diane and that isn’t stopping her! Jasmine Burrows, Jac Naylor’s half-sister, was a bubbly, but complicated, firecracker. With a wicked sense of humour and a manipulative side, Jasmine was more like Jac than she thought. Bent on forming a relationship with her sister, Jasmine arrived at Holby with dreams that Jac did not necessarily take to. And, after a tenuous bond was formed, Jasmine was taken away before it could even be developed.

There you go – five well-loved characters we’d like to see back! Were we completely off the mark, or do you agree with our choices? Whatever the answer, the one thing we do know is that we absolutely cannot wait for the returns that Holby have lined up!