Played by​ Olga Fedori

17/02/2010 (S12 E20)

26/03/2019 (S21 E13)

Cardiothoracic Surgical Registrar

From the Ukraine, Frieda is a sardonic goth. She’s as cynical as she is honest. Happy to take the night shift to avoid the politics and people that make life too complicated. She won’t indulge egos and her bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired, but beneath it all, she does have a real compassion and vulnerability. She’s unlikely to forge friendships with ease but when she does, it’s one she’ll fight tooth and nail for.

Frieda arrived at Holby City in 2010, as a night shift ward sister on Darwin. Frieda is a goth and often gets comments from staff and patients about her appearance. She worked a day shift on AAU, where she got comments from clinical lead Linden Cullen, saying that her bed side manner needs improving. She develops an antagonistic relationship with Penny but Frieda confesses to her that she used to be a doctor back in Ukraine. On wards from there, Penny tries to convince Frieda to be a doctor again, saying she’s really good at her job. When Frieda is made redundant, she applies for an F1 post on AAU and gets it. When Penny dies on a crash site, she comforts Penny’s brother Oliver, who has a difficult time coping with her death. Frieda passes her F1 exams as the best of the region and is congratulated by CEO Henrik Hanssen. Frieda soon leaves from her F2 post on Keller, when she realises that the NHS doesn’t suit her and hands in her notice.

Frieda made a comeback for surgery in 2015, after she catches tuberculosis as a medic in Afghanistan. Jac Naylor operates on her and she is put on recovery. Frieda returned to Holby City in December 2017, as a registrar on Darwin ward.

Previous Positions:

  • Ward sister (2010–11)
  • Foundation Training Y1 (2011–12)
  • Foundation Training Y2 (2012)


  • Frieda left the wards of Holby City on the 15 May 2012 (S14 E31)
  • She made a comeback as a patient, on the 22 September 2015 (S17 E50)
  • Frieda returned to Darwin ward, on the 12 December 2017 (S19 E63)
  • Frieda left Holby City behind on the 26 March 2019 (S21 E13)