Cathy Shipton’s time as Duffy has come to a sad end having portrayed Duffy since the very first episode. She had many storylines including being a victim of rape, nearly catching HIV and a cancer scare. She then left in 1993 but was reintroduced to the show in 1998 where she developed a relationship with Hospital the Security Guard, she left again and returned for her final chapter as Duffy in 2015.

Duffy was introduced as being carefree and tough, she loved nothing more than to gossip with receptionist Susie. She acted on her beliefs and protested against adult films being shown about nurses in the Cinema. In further series we saw a more vulnerable side to her. Her first major storyline started when she was sexually assaulted on her way back from a night out. She later came face to face with her attacker when he was admitted to the ED, he died shortly after. She dealt with the trauma by helping patients who were admitted following sexual assault.

Duffy also had a HIV scare after she fell head over heels for a salesman called Peter Tranter, they were going to move to the USA however he later revealed to her that he contracted the virus and might’ve passed it on to Duffy, she tested negative and they split. Peter moved away and later died due to a complication with AIDS. Duffy was then promoted to Staff Nurse where she offered support to HIV patients.

When Duffy became pregnant with Registrar Andrew Bower’s baby he expected her to leave her job to raise the child but when the tables turned he wouldn’t leave. The two had a horrible split and Andrew left. He returned after Duffy’s Cancer scare, Duffy knew Peter (their son) would need Andrew if she died. They later tried to make a go at their relationship and married at the end of series seven. Their relationship ended in heartbreak when Andrew died and Charlie had to inform a heavily pregnant Duffy of Andrew’s death.

Cathy decided to take a break from Casualty in 1993 returning in 1998 as a Grade Nurse. Duffy then fell in love with Security Guard Andrew after a rough time. Duffy then realised she had fallen for Charlie. Duffy left again in 2006 (without Charlie) and her character was reintroduced where we saw her final chapter where she rekindled her relationship with charlie and her recent battles with depression and dementia.

Cathy and Duffy both played a huge part in the show and will be missed dearly by fans old and new.