Last nights episode saw the departure of Louise Tyler (Azuka Oforka) who handed in her notice to a reluctant Charlie for a number of reasons from money to the general issues faced by the NHS every day leading to ‘33,000 nurses leaving each year’.

During her time in the ED she started as a receptionist originally to help Noel during the riots. She was organised, very efficient and didn’t make anytime for time wasters.

Later episodes saw Louise’s back story where she originally trained as a nurse however during her time as a student Nurse she quit due to an incident where a she sent a patient (Laila Bertrand) home and her baby was later born stillborn. Later scenes saw Louise apologise to Laila who then fell through a glass table, she called her an ambulance and was treated at the ED where she told Louise what happened wasn’t her fault.

Duffy asked Louise about returning to nursing at Max and Zoe’s wedding. Louise and she later returned as a Band 5 Staff Nurse and was later to a promoted to Band 6 Senior Nurse where she later started to train Marty and Jade.

Did you know:

Louise applied Big Mac for the role of Emergency Care Assistant without him knowing.

After causing damage to the relatives room. She refurbished it despite being turned down a grant for money

During her time in Ambulance Dispatch she didn’t get on with Dixie and they’d had several run ins. She also shared a kiss with Jeff after their shift on the ‘Booze Bus’.