Tonight’s episode saw the departure of Serena Campbell as Catherine Russell leaves Holby after 7 years on the show.

Serena was was initially recruited by Henrick Hanssen to shake up the order of Holby and in doing so immediately clashed with Ric Griffin. Serena everything in her stride and for anything she couldn’t she’d always have a bottle of Shiraz handy.

Throughout her time on Holby Serena had many storylines showing both her professional and personal life, many times they clashed, for instance Serena’s mother was admitted to AAU and diagnosed with Vascular dementia and sad scenes later saw her pass away, she rekindled her relationship with her ex-husband Edward however they split when he killed a patient whilst drunk on the job and then her daughter Elinor died as she suffered brain damage after being hit by a car in Holby’s car park.

It wasn’t all bad for Serena though she temporarily took over as CEO and after discovering she had a long lost sister made a strong bond with her nephew Jason Haynes, his wife Greta and becoming a great Aunt to Guinevere and not forgetting her happier times with her girlfriend Bernie Wolfe, the pair we’re going to open a trauma centre in Nairobi however Serena wanted to stay to Holby help during its harder times after the shooting.

Serena left in last nights episode (Episode 3) after tensions with Max McGerry reached boiling point. The door has been kept open for Catherine and we hope to see Serena back in Holby in the future. The Holby Online team wish Catherine the best of luck in her future ventures.