Is a return on the cards for Connie’s daughter Grace?

(L-R) Connie (Amanda Mealing) and Grace (Emily Carey) in CASUALTY ©BBC

In the latest instalment of CASUALTY which aired tonight (August 22), Connie revealed to Jacob that Grace had decided that she wants to live with her, in Holby. With Jacob responding saying “Well, that’s good thing, isn’t it?”, Connie’s reply was “No, not the way we’re getting on, no”. So does this mean Grace is returning or not?

Grace was first introduced in Casualty in late 2014 before leaving in early 2015, she came back again for longer stints in 2016 until 2017. Emily Carey has played the role of Grace since the character was reintroduced.

During her time in Holby, she has been involved in a car crash in August 2016, which left her in a coma for six weeks. Connie and Grace have had a rather distant relationship with Connie’s job coming first.

Grace was last seen in the ED back in 2017, when she decided that she wanted to live with her father, Sam in New York.

We would have to wait and see if Grace makes a return or not, when Casualty returns to our screens – it is not yet known when Casualty will return due to filming being suspended due to COVID.