Played by​ John Michie

26/11/2013 (S16 E7)

15/11/2016 (S19 E6)

Last Appearance:
11/08/2020 (S22 E25)

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Guy joined Holby City Hospital as the new Chief Executive Officer, he lasted in the role for 2 years. Guy stepped down from the post and started to focus more onto the surgery side of things in April 2015, once he got told that he can not carry on performing in theatre and still be the Chief Executive Officer of Holby City Hospital. Guy was unhappy about this but he chose Neurosurgery over being the CEO, he apologised to Elliot Hope about demoting him from being the Clinical Lead of Darwin and later reinstated him before he stepped down as the CEO, he then made himself the Clinical Lead of Keller ward. Guy is later unimpressed when he finds out the old CEO who he took over from has got his job as the new CEO of the hospital as his plans for the new Nuero surgey suite will not be happening as Henrik Hanssen doesn’t want the new unit in Holby City.

When Valerie (Guy’s mum) was admitted to Darwin after having heart complications. Zosia began treating her, both unaware of their relationship. Jac returned to the department following leave and her and Guy clashed over Valerie’s treatment. Although Guy took no pity on her, it was decided that she was unfit for the new experimental procedure and Guy was left feeling guilty. She apologised to him for what had happened in the past and he was able to get Jac to perform the operation. Shortly before it commenced, Valerie asked for her son’s forgiveness, but he simply ignored her request and assured her that she’d be alright. However, Valerie suffered from extensive bleeding during surgery and Jac and Ollie were unable to save her. Guy was angry and upset, but later thanked Jac for going ahead with it. However, she simply told him that it was entirely her choice, that he couldn’t ever coerce her into doing anything, and that she’d get rid of him from her department in the future.

Guy returned to Holby in 2020, as a new love interest of CEO Max McGerry who had met at a rehab unit. Guy returns as a Locum at Holby following the privatisation of Darwin ward by external company Kestrel, in which Guy has shares in. After this was unravelled that Kestrel were putting patients in danger. As the unit is closed down, the staff of Holby find out that Guy had shares in the business hence the reason why the private company got the contract.

As tension run high through the wards, Ric is on his case and pushes him too far. Guy is suspended due to his anger of smashing a mirror. At his disciplinary hearing Ric his not impressed when he’s given another chance, yet he lashes out again in front of the board, Guy resigned from his post. After hearing that Ric was being prepped for surgery Guy took over the procedure as Max was called to an urgent case, even though Ric survived Guy still left after being forced out by Max, she threatened that she was going to inform the GMC of his actions, by operating on his enemy Ric, whilst not being employed and operating under the influence of alcohol.


  • Zosia March is Guy’s daughter
  • He was abused as a child by his mother
  • Guy left Holby City Hospital on the 15/11/2016 (S19 E6)
  • He returned to the hospital for his daughter Zosia’s wedding to Oliver Valentine & as a locum Nuerosurgeon from 01/08/2017 (S19 E43) until 26/09/2017 (S19 E51).
  • Guy came back again, to perform surgery on Jac Naylor after Gaskell tried to kill her on the 20/11/2018 (S20 E47)
  • Guy returned to Holby on the 07/04/2020 (S22 E13) as Max McGerry’s new love interest.
  • He left the wards on the 11/08/2020 (S22 E25) after being forced out by Max.

Previous Positions:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (2013-15)
  • Lead Consultant in General Surgery (2015)
  • Director of Neurosurgery (2015-16)
  • Locum Consultant Neurosurgeon (2017, 2018)