Jac is starting us off this week, she’s made and continues to make great progress in her mental health battles and receives a surprise visitor in Kian just as she’s about to try and meditate, didn’t think Ms Naylor would be the meditating type.


Back at the unit Kian and Jac discuss that she has been diagnosed with an Adjustment Disorder, and he tells her that Bea has died, that there’s no absolution for him, not from her or anyone else. Jac is being discharged today, the pair of them talking in Jac’s room as she packs her things into her duffel bag, he said he came there to apologise, to clear the air, that he’s going hiking near where Jac has been staying to meet an old friend there, Vanessa, Vanessa being Kian deceased wife.

It seems that Max is trying to get Ric on side as soon as he’s taken over Serena’s old job of medical director, she asks him to make a list of senior staff who could be persuaded to seek greener pastures and move on, leave Holby, but she says no one will be forced to leave although some may want to. Max mentions Serena being one of these people to maybe leave, but Ric doesn’t like this because she’s a close friend, will he really consider putting one of his closest friends on this list?

Heading up into the Black Mountains, a distressed Kian strips all his clothes off and stands on the edge of one of the mountains screaming into the air, after a few moments a burger eating teenager comes along behind him and asks if he’s ok. The teen is called Ricus and he’s up in the mountains trying to impress a girl he likes by hiking and showing her the footage of him doing so, but in all this he got a bit lost because it’s the first hike he’s been on and him getting lost meant he came across Kian, the two of them set off together, Kian saying he’ll help Ricus find his way back.

Max reveals to Ric that Mr Purnell a patient on the AAU that she knows, is a private investigator who she hired to help try and find her missing daughter Lily, Max said they had an arguement and Lily walked out of the house and since then she’s never seen nor heard from her again.
On the ward Mr Purnell says that Lily is alive, that he found her on another job a few months ago, he says that he’ll tell Max where she is, if she’ll operate on his brain tumour that is apparently inoperable, the question is will she help him for this valuable information he has, even if the operation could kill him?


Jac finds Kian and Ricus up in the mountains, Kian has just performed a procedure on the young man who was struggling to breathe due to having a bad asthma attack and his inhaler having run out. When Ricus freaks out because of his breathing again and has a panic attack, he shoves Kian who tumbles over the edge of one of the nearby mountain edges and lands on the ledge below, a sharp piece branch getting plunged through his left thigh, throwing him the medikit she brought with her with morphine and bandages in it, she heads off with Ricus to get help in the shape of the air ambulance.

After ringing the ambulance and telling them of the emergency situation, Jac heads back to find and help Kian again not wanting to leave him alone on the side of the mountain when he’s injured. She climbs down to him and begins to help him, firstly by pulling out the branch that was embedded in his thigh, he rejects her offer of morphine but the reason isn’t clear why. The pair of them then talk about Kian after Vanessa died, that he went walking in the mountains where they are now, Jac tells him that he has a family in Holby, that they need him there. He starts bleeding again and then starts to drift into unconsciousness before Jac wakes him up again, telling him she’s not leaving him, both of them then hearing the air ambulance in the shape of an incoming helicopter.


Max does the surgery on Mr Purnell and shows him the CT scan to prove to him that the tumour is gone, when she asks him where Lily is in the ITU, he says he doesn’t know and he never did, that he said it to get her to do the surgery because he didn’t want to die. When Max leaves the room he gets his phone from the bedside table and rings Lily, telling her that her mum has been asking after her, that it’ll cost her five grand to not tell Max her whereabouts, can Max find out the truth of him knowing?

In one of the side rooms of AAU, Kian is in bed and will make a full recovery, Max says she’s going to remove his suspension and reinstate him with immediate effect, saying that Darwin needs him and needs Jac too.


In the last couple of scenes of the episode, Kian looks at a picture of his late wife Vanessa on his phone as he sits in bed alone, as Jac then moves through Darwin and into the office, taking a seat behind her desk, bringing out the picture that Emma drew for her when she was in the unit and looking over it for a few moments, then looking off slightly away from the camera as the closing credits then start to roll. Can Kian and Jac work together this time, and what will what’s happened to them both effect them in the weeks to come?