We’re at the hospital with a bang this week, the car park being the main hive of activity as we start the episode, someone had spray painted Angel of Death onto Ange’s car parking space, the protesters are still in full force outside the main entrance as everyone awaits the courts ruling Holly.

It’s not much quieter inside the hospital, Kofi arrives on AAU to see Ric, revealing to his dad how he’s worried about Darla, that she’s not been herself at home and not feeling well with stomach pains, he’s that concerned that he’s brought her into the hospital.

Up on ITU in Holly’s room, Ruth apologises to Ange for all the things that have happened and the doctor has had to face due to the situation with her daughter. Not long later Ange, Fletch and Henrik are in the CEO’s office, here Henrik expresses concern for Ange’s safety and also that the court has made its decision regarding the teenager, what have they decided?

After a brief conversation Jac offers Chloe a job on Darwin, telling her to tell her her answer by the end of the day. Then she sets the returning Frieda and Zosia to work together, this much to Ms Petrenko’s dismay, she’s not in any kind of mood to be anywhere near Zosia let alone work with her!

The ruling of the court is that Holly’s life support machine should be switched off and withdrawn, this leads to Henrik making a statement to the waiting press outside the main entrance, accompanied by Ange, Fletch, Michael and Ruth. When he’s finished, Ruth surprises all of them by speaking to the press herself and telling them that she’s appealing the court’s decision, as they’re all going to walk away and head back into the hospital, one of the protesters gets near to Ange and throws a cup of cold tomato soup all over her front.

Kofi has been sent to get himself a coffee as Ric looks after the tests on Darla, grandad and granddaughter then have a conversation in her side room in which they talk about the pain that she’s been feeling and how she thought that it was a miscarriage, and if it was then she wouldn’t have to face and tell Kofi. As Ric is hugging her, Serena who he’d rang a little while before to help him with the situation comes into the room having been at the court for the ruling on Holly.

Unable to hide it anymore and wanting his son to know what’s going on with his daughter, Ric tells Kofi in Pulses that Darla is pregnant, as they start to talk about the certain choices and decisions that are going to have to be made to decide what happens next for Darla, Kofi breaks down at the news, Ric not knowing quite how to comfort his son.

Stood just outside Holly’s ITU room, Ange has a flashback to when she was looking after Holly in YAU before her surgery, the doctor revealing that something bad happened to her in the past when she was Holly’s age and she’s never told anyone what it was, she lied to herself that she was ok, getting upset as she tells this to the teen. The question is what happened to her all those years ago, especially at such a young age.

Ange then steps into the lions den of Holly’s ITU room, with Ruth and Michael at their daughters bedside she tells Ruth that Holly is gone, and that by believing otherwise then Ruth is telling herself a lie. Michael agrees with the doctor and tells his ex wife that they have to let Holly go, tearfully she agrees to turn the machines off.

Kofi after some thinking time and time to pray, comes back calmer to speak to Darla, she tells him that she wants to stay with Ric and understands about her dad’s faith and the current situation. Ric in the back of the room listening to the conversation agrees that she can stay with him, father and son seemingly on the same page for the first time today, wanting to do what’s best for Darla. As Kofi is leaving the room he says that he has faith in Ric, this is regards to looking after his daughter, sharing a look with his dad he leaves.

As if Ange hadn’t been through enough with everything that’s happened with the Holly case, she’s called to Henrik’s office where he is waiting with Serena, Fletch joining them too, as well as a couple of CID officers. The CEO informing her that she’s going to be escorted by the officers to a safe location, because someone has found all her personal details and published them online for literally all the world to see.

Despite a hostile start between them both, as we end the episode Zosia and Frieda meet in the basement and Frieda apologises for how she has behaved towards her during the day, Zosia then suggests they go for a drink together and Frieda agrees, have both women found some common ground to be able to work together and maybe even be friends?

Ange leaves with the CID officers in a car and Chloe and Fletch watch her go but as she leaves panic ensues for him as Theo vanishes from sight, only his helmet and scooter are left around the corner of said car park, not a trace of his son, where is the young boy? Who has taken him? And can he be found before something dreadful happens to him? It’s going to be a dramatic part two!!!