We’re back into the action at Holby right away tonight, Henrik and Serena are in his office discussing if they can think of anyone else in the hospital who needs to be thought of as a potential target, and at risk due to the Holly case, after a few seconds thought Serena says she can think of no one, apart from the both of them, cue haunted looks from them both.

The frantic search that has began for his son takes Fletch to the basement, finding Theo’s paper name badge of the floor, picking it up he ventures further into the basements, but then receives a phone call from Henrik, after a brief talk the CEO tells him to stay exactly where he is, that he’ll put security on all the hospitals exits and then join Fletch himself to try and find Theo.

Up on Keller a mysterious man has appeared on the ward, and it’s not long before said man has surprised Chloe from behind in the staff room and then been pinned onto the table by Dom for his trouble. Far from being a stranger, Chloe immediately knows who he is, his name is Evan Crowhurst and he is actually her boyfriend, you kept that little bit of information very quiet!

Trying, trying and trying again to contact either Theo or the boys kidnappers via the phone Theo has, eventually someone answers said phone, but they won’t speak to Fletch when he asks a variety of questions about Theo and his little boys welfare, this leaving him still no further forward in finding anything out about the mysterious person.

Up on Darwin in Jac’s office a little while later, Fletch breaks down as they discuss his missing son, he loses his temper and smashes a nearby glass, his guilt and worry boiling over. Quickly apologising his cries get heavier in front of Jac and telling her that he needs to do something to try and find his son.

Chloe and Evan are the next ones talking, and the fact that she hasn’t called or contacted him for quite a while, before telling him that she doesn’t deserve him due to her behaviour. Evan then tells her that he came to Holby to make sure that she was ok due to this lack of contact, and that he wants her to come back to Capel Cross with him, that they’d have her back in a heartbeat, there’s a position vacant that she could easily get, does she actually want to be there and not at Holby?

Xavier is also seeing a familiar face on AAU tonight, this being in the form of his mum Nanette, when he’s called away to theatre he asks Donna to look after and treat her, looking at her injured hand. As both women talk and get to know each other it seems at first that they maybe building some rapport and Donna bandages the older woman’s hand. But this is a little short lived when they clash about Nanette becoming a little passive aggressive in regards to Xavier taking her home because she’s injured, this despite the injury not seeming that bad, when he comes back out of theatre, Xavier tells his mum that he’s taking Donna out tonight and will be getting her a taxi instead, could this not be as smooth as first hoped.

In the search for Theo being no closer to being resolved, Henrik makes the suggestion of them phoning the police, that this situation calls for such action. Exiting Jac’s office, Fletch retches in the toilets, once again trying to contact the kidnapper via Theo’s phone, he gets a couple of vague texts telling him that his son is safe, but not revealing why they’ve taken him, or who ‘they’ are, who could want to take Fletch’s son?

A scalpel in hand from Darwin later, and Fletch is even more determined to find Theo, using the tracker app that Steven his dad downloaded onto Theo’s phone, he goes in search of his son. This search leads him to one of the disused and empty rooms at the top of the hospital, in here he finds the phone abandoned on the floor but no Theo. But then in a dramatic turn of events he does find him, alive, on the roof with Amira Zafar the former agency nurse who worked at Holby, whose mistake at the time with a patient had resulted in Ric being jailed for manslaughter. We find out that since all this had happened and she’d lost her career, she’d also lost control of her life and custody of her child too.

Ange appears and joins them on the roof, with Jac taking Theo off said roof and away from anymore harm. Amira breaks down when Ange tells her that she knows who she is and recognises her as someone who needs quite a lot of help with her mental health, something she assures Amira they can help her with, eventually a sobbing Amira drops the scalpel that she took from Fletch, leaving her in Ange’s arms on the roof, as Fletch takes the now abandoned scalpel out of harms reach, thank god for that!!

Chloe tells Evan that she won’t be going back with him to Capel Cross, that she’s staying here at Holby, he tells her before leaving that he’ll be there for her when she needs him. Then she rings Jac and accepts the offer that Ms Naylor gave her for the job on Darwin yesterday, glad to have you aboard Ms Goddard.

Nanette appears back on AAU with a broken hand and it turns out that maybe Donna missed said injury, but Xavier says that it could’ve been easily missed by anyone, not that this makes Donna feel any better under the circumstances. But this leads to them both not being able to go on their date as planned, as Donna looks over to Nanette led on the trolley bed, the older woman gives her a little wave, it seems Xavier’s mum has maybe injured herself so that Xavier will be looking after her and not going out with Donna, something we suspect she’d wanted all along, I sense some rocky waters to come in this relationship, especially if this is how Nanette is going to play things!

The last scene of the episode is rather a calm and warm one, quite a nice change from the tension and drama that’s been had for the past hour, Fletch and Ange are talking over the days events over a cup of tea, before Chloe and then Theo joins them, the little boy then ending up on Ange’s knee and cuddled into her arms. Could Chloe have been right in regards to something starting between her mum and Fletch. Could there in fact be room for something more than a professional relationship between the pair???