More of a easy start to this weeks episode, Ange and Chloe talk about it being Holly’s funeral this week, Ange the more unsure of the pair if they should be even thinking about going, especially given the circumstances.

Sacha, Essie and Carole are in Pulses discussing the surprise party that Lofty has organised for Dom’s birthday all the way in America, Sacha shows the cake that he’s baked, it’s very Great British Bake Off, got a hidden talent there Mr Levy!
Making her way into the main entrance, Ange sees Carole sat down, when the older woman leaves, Ange follows a little way behind her outside and then watches as she gets into her car, her eyes never leaving the older woman until her car leaves the car park, does she recognise and know her?

Not having much luck in terms of women, but having set his sights on Chloe, Cam attempts to try again with her in the staff room, but she rebuffs his efforts and offers, leading Xavier to tease him over the fact that he got burned by her, he’s never one to miss making that sort of comment are you Mr Duval.

Having found out that the man who seemed like he was going to rob her as she headed into work, is in fact Ivan, the man who Roman told her about when he was trying to help the people on the raided farm, they both talk and she tells him about Roman’s death, he tells her he didn’t actually get rescued by the police but he ran before they could find him, but since he left he’s felt unwell, but before Frieda can treat him at all he disappears from the basement.

Up on YAU whilst treating patient Leona Dempsey who has the rare condition of Heřmanský–Pudlák syndrome, Ange and Dom who has been given another chance on the unit discover that she’s pregnant, something Leona’s husband Keir doesn’t exactly seemed thrilled about.

Frieda goes outside to find the ever disappearing Ivan, he tells her he lied about feeling unwell, before showing her the three friends he’s brought with him in the back of his white transit van, these people clearly are unwell, asking Frieda to help treat them, given the risks personally and professionally, will she take this risk?

Carole is back and up in the staff room of Keller adding the finishing touches to Dom’s little birthday buffet complete with balloons, food and Sacha’s cake. Ange moves into the room and sees her, after discussing if they’d met before after Carole claims they haven’t, Ange says they have met before just the once, namely a day in September 1987, the day that she was fourteen and handed her baby to Carole, now that’s a day you would find very hard pressed to forget!

Both women talk about what happened Carole saying that Ange can’t possibly remember her after 30 years, but she replies that she remembers everything about her, wondering why Carole is even at Holby, this being answered for her, when Essie, Sacha and birthday boy Dom come through the door of the staff room and he goes over to hug his ‘mum’ a wide eyed Ange looking on, looking at her son calling someone else mum!

Stood to the side of the room as Dom opens his cards Ange seems increasingly uncomfortable after finding out what she just has, making the excuse to Essie that she’s just got a headache, I would have a massive one Ange! She excuses herself not long after saying she’s going to check on a patient, Carole watching her leave, it seems she is feeling the strain of the lies she’s told Dom over the years, especially about not being his mum and that he’s adopted!

Unable it seems to help himself in making yet more mistakes, Cam rings up another woman from his list of numbers he seems to have, this one is Kylie, asking if she’s free to go to the concert with him, the concert he tried to offer to take Chloe too. His luck seems to have run out when Jac catches him making said call on the ward on Darwin, she gives him a verbal and formal warning, telling him one more mistake and he’ll say goodbye to the junior doctor lead, all this as Nicky and Xavier look on at it all, hearing every word.

Carole admit to Ange that Dom is in fact her son, then follows the doctor from the toilets where she found her, into an empty theatre, both women with raised voices talk about the situation that they currently find themselves in the middle of, also the big issue of Carole having not told Dom that he is in fact adopted, and the fact that Ange all them years ago had asked that Carole tell Dom that his mum loved him despite having to give him up for adoption, but Carole hasn’t told him anything. We also find out Ange has been keeping cards and little mementos she wrote for him in a shoebox, the thing is will Carole ever tell him any of these things?

Ivan’s friend all are diagnosed with Legionnaire’s disease, as Frieda is treating or trying to treat them in the basement, Zosia discovers her and what she’s been up to, but instead of rushing of to tell someone what her colleague has been doing she steps in to help her.

But this harmony doesn’t last long, not long later the two women argue about the fact that Zosia did in fact go and call the police about Ivan and his friends, when Zosia heads back up to the ward from the basement, the police keeping an eye on the other people, Ivan having hidden from said police. When Frieda sees him, out of the view of Zosia, she waits till Zosia has left for the ward and then send him to her flat, telling him to wait for her to call him there, what are you planning?

Far from having a termination despite the risks of her pregnancy, Leona tells Keir that she’s not aborting their baby, that she’s keeping it, that she wants to be a mum.

After all the events of the day, Frieda is called to Jac’s office, when she’s here she tells Ms Naylor that she quits and is going back to the Ukraine, that she’s had her vision cleared by all that she’s gone through today and she should’ve seen all of this sooner, about what she actually wants to do with her life, it seems Frieda has made up her mind about leaving.

Drowning his sorrows over his bad day, Cam is joined by Chloe, she tells him that right now given her situation she just wants some fun and nothing serious, he admits he gave away the tickets to the concert, she says he can buy her a drink instead, is there still some hope of something between them both, whatever it maybe?

Frieda having gathered her things from her locker, all put into a box, she carries them outside, saying goodbye to Fletch and Nicky, before getting into a taxi with Ivan and Gary the dog, as they’re departing she tells Ivan that she’s going to take care of him (like Roman told Ivan that she would) also that both her and Ivan are going home. Take care Frieda, we’re all going to miss you a lot!!!

In the final scene of what has been a roller coaster episode, Ange in her pyjamas, sat on the end of her bed in her bedroom, bringing the shoe box she mentioned to Carole she’d kept for Dom earlier on, out of one of her drawers, it’s full of all the mementos. Picking up her phone from nearby she rings Tom Campbell Gore, telling him that things aren’t working out for her at Holby, and how soon can he find her a new job.

Is she really going to go so soon after arriving, or are the truths that have been uncovered today, going to be revealed sooner rather than later, thus making her rethink this seemingly snap decision entirely!?