Quite the dramatic flashback start to the episode, it’s from years ago when Max was shouting at Lily who is now Louis in a drunken rage, and asking why are they still here as her transgender child was walking away from her in the car park of where they used to live. Her shouting continues as we see her shouting that the wrong person died, meaning her husband who died, before she then turns and walks away down the car park from where she came.

Back in the present when herself and Louis have been sat in the cafe talking after meeting up, and he walks out after it doesn’t quite go as well as planned, Max seemingly unable to accept or get her head around the fact Lily is now Louis, Max gets up and dashes out of the door after him, shouting wait but it seems she’s too late and Louis has already walked off too far to hear his mum.


Max and Louis sit in her car and talk, she says she has waited six years for this and this can’t be the way that it ends between them. Max is a bit hostile about Louis having gone through his transition and now being the person he feels he always has been, she makes certain remarks about him running off and getting involved with people to enable him to transition, that she didn’t hear nothing about any of this and she’s his mother. They then go to talk at a bar, both talking a seat in a booth. Max says that just because she’s sober doesn’t mean it goes away, that every day is a battle to stay sober and resist temptation. Louis says that he was ashamed of her and Max says that that makes them even, meaning she’s ashamed of him too. This does it for him, he gets up, picks his coat up and says he’s done, before walking out of the bar, leaving Max sat at the booth on her own, is this the end of their reunion forever?

Xavier although suspended goes to see Donna in Holby, saying he needs to talk to her, that it’s important, she says that she’s due in theatre and will text him when she’s done, can they find some common ground?


Essie is petrified of what is to come for her since finding out unofficially that her cancer is back, she implores Dom not to tell Sacha, but Dom isn’t comfortable with her keeping something like this from him nor he himself hiding such news from his friend.

Max is called into theatre to save a woman’s patients eyesight, during surgery Ange and Ric look on as she does her work, both of them seeming unsure if Max is up to the job and might need to take a rest during the operation, but she insists that she’s fine. She carries on what she’s doing and goes through all the procedure seemingly unfazed by both her colleagues being watched, is it all just a front though really? She suddenly gets a vision of Lily (before she knew him as Louis) being the person on the operating table in front of her, losing her focus for a few moments, a look of horror mixed with panic on her face until she composes herself and realises that it’s not her child she’s operating on.


Xavier and Donna meet up in Pulses and talk about all that’s been happening between them, he says that he just wants them to be ‘us again’. Donna says that if he does come home then things have to change, Xavier then says that Evan’s death doesn’t make any sense, that Cameron was the only one there and the only one who knows what happened, and he’s lying. Donna doesn’t seem best pleased in the slightest at this line of thought from him and calls him obsessed by the whole thing. Xavier then goes onto say that Cameron is dangerous and they need to stop him. She gets up from the table and says she can’t do this anymore before walking away.


Essie talks to Sacha in the staff room and says that she’s damaged goods and she’ll only end up hurting him, that she’s asked Fletch for the rest of the week off. Sacha is puzzled and confused, asking her if he’s done something wrong, not quite sure where all this has come from. She quickly says for them not to do this here, for them to talk later.
Dom sees Sacha in a state and asks him if Essie has told him, quickly realising that she hasn’t and in fact she’s tried to in not so many words dump him. Sacha says that Essie hasn’t been herself today and that something is up, watching her through the blinds go in the lift as she’s going home, turning to Dom and saying that it’s the test results and then asks Dom what hasn’t Essie told him.


Ric heads up to Max’s office to see if she’s alright after her earlier admission of Lily being ‘dead’, she admits to him that Lily isn’t dead, not physically dead, that she’s not Lily anymore, that she’s now Louis after she transitioned. She says that she’s off to her AA meeting in a hour and then proceeds to ring someone when Ric leaves her office, speaking to someone on the other end who seems to be going to the meeting with her, she says that she loves that person too, but who could it be.

Sacha catches Essie in the car park before she leaves in her car, and she confirms that the cancer is back like he suspected. They talk about it and he says he understands why she didn’t want to tell him, and that she won’t lose him because they’re soulmates and that means forever. He says that they’ll fight it together and he won’t let it beat her, telling her that he loves her and then asks her if she’ll marry him, producing the ring from his pocket, opening the box to show it to her. With tears in her eyes she smiles and says how can she not before they share a kiss to seal their engagement. They’re sweet!

In the last bit of action for this episode, we see Max at her AA meeting admitting that she nearly drank after five years of being sober. When she’s finished talking and the group clap for her we see a very familiar face sat next to her saying that he’s proud of her, none other than Guy Self! It seems that he was the one Max said she loved too down the phone and it appears they’re very much a couple, this could get very very interesting! And where does this leave Louis and Max, can they get their relationship back on track??