A familiar face is back at Holby as we start tonight’s episode, namely Carole, she’s sat in her car in the car park, watching Ange and Chloe head to and then into the main hospital doors, only getting out of said car when she sees Dom making his way up the ramp. Whilst stood with him she blurts out that he’s adopted, leaving a shocked and stunned Dom to head into work and the lift not knowing what to make of the news.

Evan is back this week on Darwin with his sister Phoebe who is having breathing difficulties, when she’s been moved into a bed, he claims to have come a bit out of his way to Holby due to wanting Jac to treat his sister, but on finding out Ms Naylor is away at a conference, he says they’ve got the next best thing to Jac at Holby in Chloe, we all know you came for and to see Chloe, Evan.

Luis the fifteen year old boy who arrived on AAU with a fractured leg from a skateboard accident, mentions about having to speak to his ‘babe’ and let her know what’s happening, this ‘babe’ or girlfriend of his makes her appearance not long after he’s on the ward, in the shape of Donna’s daughter Mia, the teen has left school unable to concentrate after finding out about Luis being in Holby. After a brief introduction it turns out that the teens haven’t actually met before until now, they’re game buddies online and have been for a while, but now it seems that has changed into something more serious, Donna doesn’t seem happy in the slightest at this latest set of revelations.

The subject of Carole’s news to Dom regarding his adoption is the topic of conversation between Ange and Dom as they’re preparing to go into theatre and operate on Leona, the lady from last weeks episode, but before that can happen Ange seeing her colleague and sons distress at what’s happened, tells him to go home because he’s too distracted here and isn’t good at work like that, apologising he leaves theatre, will he find out who his biological mum is?

Having got changed but not gone home, Ange finds Dom in the Keller staff room after completing Leona’s surgery, whilst in here and sat next to him, he gets upset at what’s been revealed to him, this upset causing Ange to comfort him and hugs him, her motherly instinct kicking in. A little while later, a composed Dom talks to her about how the news has made him feel as if his world has been turned upside down, she offers to him that maybe he was given up for adoption because his mum had no choice, and did what was best for him, but has thought about him every day, giving him a little bit of her own thought process and anguish of what she herself thought when having to make the decision for his adoption.

Making his way outside, Dom joins Carole on one of the benches she’s been sat on since we saw her at the beginning of the episode and revealed the news to Dom, the both of them talk about what’s happened and she tells him that she didn’t tell him sooner like when she was ill, because she didn’t want to maybe die and have the knowledge that he hated her.

Chloe performs a successful operation on Evan’s sister Phoebe, telling him the news of the surgery where he’s sat in the corridor outside. He thanks her and then hugs her then and there, telling her that he misses her, she backs away and tells him that it isn’t the right time for this kind of thing, because he’s upset due to his sister, before she heads off down the corridor, will she ever consider giving their relationship another chance?

News of Jac heading back to Holby causes Cam to go to double check the SSI audit that he’d completed a little earlier and saved to his staff card, it having taken him a few hours. To his horror said card has vanished and so has the audit, Zosia double checks using her own card but nothing is there, what’s happened to his work?

Making her way to Phoebe’s side room where Evan is at her bedside, Chloe sits next to him, she tells him that she’s been stupid running away like she has and that all she ever wanted is here (with him), the pair of them share and kiss, agreeing to give their relationship another chance.

Back into surgery Leona is rushed, this time Dom says that he is helping Ange and not backing out like the first surgery earlier on. In theatre the conversation between them turns once again to the news that Carole told him earlier in the day, he remembers Ange knowing his dad’s name was Barry, asking her how she knew this when he didn’t tell her, then comes the barrage of questions he fires at her when he senses something is being hidden from him via Ange. With no response from her at his questions he joins the dots and realises that she is in fact his biological mum, this revelation causes him to leave the operation and then theatre altogether after pulling his outer scrubs off.

Being called to Jac’s office on her return, a timid Cam opens the door to be met with not just Jac but Serena stood beside a seated Ms Naylor too. It is left for Ms Campbell in her role as Director of Medicine to tell him that the junior doctor lead is no longer his due to the various mistakes that he’s made, this compounded by the loss of the SSI audit earlier today. When Jac leaves the office to go back out onto the ward, Serena tells a dejected Cam to dust himself down and prove that she was right to give him the opportunity here in the first place, can he mend his ways and prove all his doubters wrong?

As Nicky is about to leave Darwin after finishing her shift, Zosia delivers the news to her that she’s now the junior doctor lead after Cam had it taken from him, telling Nicky that she’s the right one for the role and deserving of it, yes Zosia you are right on all fronts there, well done Nicky!

An also departing Dom, tells Carole and Ange on the ramp outside the main entrance that he wants nothing to do with either of them, calling them both liars, not waiting for an answer or response from both women, before heading away across the car park.

Not far behind Dom heading down the ramp and away are Evan and Chloe, as they walk down the ramp, Cam’s staff card is thrown slyly onto the floor by none other than Evan, it turns out he was responsible for it going missing and subsequently putting the final nail in Cam losing the junior doctor lead, probably due to Evan’s own jealously of hearing that Chloe went out for a drink with him and not liking it. Is Evan going to bring anymore tricks and trouble with him to Holby?

In the final action of what has been another emotional roller coaster, but brilliant episode, Ange is in her bedroom at home and starts to look through the shoebox she’s kept over the years and collected things in for and about Dom, getting upset and crying as she starts to pick out different things. She’s not the only one who is crying, in Albie’s a slightly tipsy Dom heads to and then vomits into the toilet bowl, before sitting himself on the floor of said cubicle, closing the door and then crying, a build up of all the days events becoming too much.

Can these broken relationships even begin to be put back together now truths have been revealed, or have certain people taken positions that they’re unwilling to change? Can a mother and son start to bond in small ways after years of being apart?