A rather irritated and annoyed Dom starts off this weeks episode, nearly succeeding in unhinging one of the doors going into Keller ward, something a nearby Essie at the nurses’ station points out, a knowing Ange looking on as her son walks past them both and onto the ward to start his shift.

Luis is in his own side room on AAU still due to his cancer diagnosis, Mia is at his side something Donna doesn’t seem all that happy with, and the young teen is determined to stay at the young mans side when he doubles up in abdominal pain in his bed, Xavier and Donna rushing in to help him.

Mr Ffolkes a patient Dom has dealt with in the past and has a good rapport with comes onto Keller, this leads to Ange hearing the older man wanting Dom to be his doctor, and then releasing Dom off of YAU for the day in order for him to be able to be the doctor in charge of treating him, she seems a little unhappy that he wants to be out of YAU, but does it because it’s what Dom wants.

Chloe comes onto Keller to do a CT consult for Mr Ffolkes due to Jac not being available, or mainly not wanting to due to her work on Darwin, her and Dom talk about Ange’s current mood, and how she thinks her mum is a bit skittish and anxious about something, but she doesn’t know why.
She diagnoses him with cardiac disease and that’s why he’s having chest pain, and that he’s going to need surgery to fix the heart issue, this is followed by Dom telling him his abdominal pain is caused by a bowel obstruction which is also going to need an operation. Between the pair of them they talk about Roger and his operations, Dom saying that Chloe can do the heart surgery first and then he’ll do the bowel surgery when the older man is stronger, adding that he wants to get on with her, not fight with her, she asks if he’s ok because of how he’s behaving, he tells her he’s fine, but is she convinced?

With Mia becoming or seemingly becoming that more smitten with Luis, Xavier offers to have a talk to Mia about her relationship or blossoming one with the young man, is this a wise idea and if it is will Mia take any kind of advice?

Dom and Ange talk the issue of Chloe knowing that Dom is her brother, he wants to tell her who he is, but Ange says for him not too, not right here and now, saying that she’s more vulnerable a young woman than she may seem, asking him to promise not to tell Chloe who is he, Dom making his way back to Mr Ffolkes before confirming her request.

Xavier has an awkward conversation with Mia about feelings she maybe having towards Luis, it turns out to be more awkward and not very informative then he first planned, the young girl seems not more informed or ‘educated’ than before he spoke to her, not what you had planned for that conversation Mr Duval. Serena offers a little bit of advice to Donna, telling her teenage girls are untamable at this age in these situations, but Donna seems unconvinced, maybe you should listen to Serena, Donna?

Donna sees Luis coming down the corridor being pushed by Steve one of the porters, taking over from him she has a conversation about the two teens slowing things down, Xavier comes out of AAU and sees them having said talk, he gets one of the other porters Joe to take Luis into AAU from Donna and then the couple go to talk in the staff room.
The pair of them discuss Luis and Mia’s relationship, things getting a little heated as they have differing views on what should be allowed to be happening between the teens, Mia interrupts them both and says that Luis needs help, it turns out he has a bleed on the kidney that needs urgent surgery.

Dom seemingly at the end of his tether, goes to see Henrik and requests to be moved to AAU from Keller, the CEO isn’t convinced of him ‘needing a change’ and tries to get behind the reasoning of such a snap decision, but Dom doesn’t seem forthcoming.

Henrik then speaks to Ange about Dom’s request and why he’s changed his mind about being on YAU, going on to tell her to sort out whatever issue the pair of them may have between them, it’s rather a big ‘issue’ for them both to sort out Henrik, if they can at all.

After her argument with Mia about Luis, Donna speaks to Serena who is just going home after finishing her shift, Serena says that daughters grow up at their own speed and do need some space, and the reward for doing this is worth it. Telling Donna that she doesn’t need to know or understand everything, in order to know that Mia is her little girl and will always be so, this bringing back her own memories of Elinor, causing her to be tearful as she speaks, before turning and heading off down the corridor, it being obvious that things are still somewhat raw since her own daughters death, and on many levels always will be.

After being wound up by male patient Archie who Zosia and Nicky were looking after, Jac asks to see her in her office, the pair of them then have a heated discussion about Zosia’s reasons behind the ‘joke’, Ms Naylor hitting a nerve with the other woman when she says Zosia behaves this way in terms of enjoying men fawning over her, because it’s to try and make up for the attention she never got from her dad Guy Self. Jac then sending Zosia out of the office, having had enough of her for one day.

Donna and Mia discuss their previous argument, they reach a common ground where Donna will give her and Luis space, as long as if Mia feels things between her and Luis are going too fast then she’ll speak to Donna, this she promises to do. Mia tells her she wouldn’t have her any other way than how she is, thanking her and calling her mum, before they both share a hug together, Xavier coming into the side office to tell them both Luis’s operation was a success, he’s going to need chemotherapy, but things are looking promising, this good news causes Mia to dash to Xav and share a hug with him, something that makes him smile and hug the young girl back, a lovely moment for them all.

Both Dom and Roger Ffolkes speak in his side room, and Dom reveals that Ange is his real mum, it seeming a little weight off his shoulders to have told someone what’s been troubling him, then telling him to decide what he actually wants to do, instead of what he thinks he should do.

In the last action of this weeks episode, as he’s leaving for the day, Ange catches Dom before he leaves the ward, asking to talk to him in her office, she tells him that she doesn’t want to lose him because he’s a brilliant doctor, but also that she wants to get to know him better. Sitting on the sofa they start to properly talk about what’s happened, he tells her that Carole didn’t tell him anything about Ange like she promised Ange herself that she would.
They both get teary as they speak about Ange being here, and that she says she’s never forgotten him or his first proper smile, that she gave him up for adoption at six months old. She says she did what she did because she was so young and overwhelmed, and couldn’t have been a mum at that stage in her life.
He goes onto say he’ll stay on YAU because he wants to, and he won’t jeopardise the life he has made for himself for her, before getting up, collecting his bag and coat, and leaving the office, Ange bursting into tears as soon as the door shuts as the credits start to roll.

What now for them both, is there any chance of them getting to know one another? Will Chloe be told that Dom is her brother? Can any of these relationships get back on track or be made better in anyway? Guess we may find out some of these answers in the coming weeks, it’s going to be good.