Zosia starts us off this week, a somewhat calm start to the episode, she’s in a lab space in the hospital working on some kind of valve modification project, talking into a dictaphone to record her findings.

With the previous weeks mistakes and various hiccups, Cam is on AAU this week, he’s got a few supervised learning experiences to complete and Serena has asked that Xavier be the one that supervise him on these, it seems Xavier isn’t all that happy about being the one who is having to keep an eye on Dr Dunn as it were, just as they’re about to start with the patients whilst stood at the nurses’ station, Donna makes her way over and informs Xavier that his mum has been admitted in the ED with right side abdominal pain, they’re sending her up to AAU, Xavier isn’t looking impressed with how the shift has started.

With a seemingly perfect patient coming up on Darwin that cold use Zosia’s valve, Jac is pushing for the chance to use it, going to see it for herself in the lab, telling Zosia that it’d work, it’s been approved, that when the time arrives for these things, you’ve got to take the chance with your work, or step aside for someone else, will Zosia actually allow her valve to be used?


A familiar face is on Keller and YAU this week, much to the disgruntlement of Dom, Carole. She’s brought one of her neighbours, Roberta in who has apparently had ‘a funny turn’, this just might cause some more friction, not that there hasn’t been enough.

Unable to get a psyche assessment for Nanette till tomorrow, it seems that she’s not going anywhere much to the dismay of Xavier, his mum seems insistent to cause a stir on the ward, not staying in bed, wanting something to cover up her hospital gown (Cameron’s hoodie is used for that), even when the tests all come back clear, Donna suggesting that maybe she’s faking it, Xavier isn’t convinced and harshly tells Cameron to be looking into things that maybe mimic appendicitis, an on looking Serena not looking impressed at Mr Duval’s blunt and rough manner in how he’s just spoken to Dr Dunn, time for her to step in?


Carole and Ange discuss how Dom now is calling Carole her name and not mum anymore, and then how years ago, when Dom was younger, Barry and Dom stopped talking because of their differences, but as they both got older their relationship got better. Ange seems to be liking hearing about her son and a few snippets and stories from him growing up, Carole going on to say that ‘Dazzle’ is a real one off, we all agree there for sure, there’s only one Dom.

Serena having become aware of things becoming a little heated between Xavier and Cam, tells Mr Duval that she needs a written report on his performance by the end of the day, but also that it isn’t just Cam that she’s watching, you may want to think about altering your tone and possibly a bit of attitude now you know Serena is watching you too Xavier.


The valve surgery is a success and he should go onto make a full recovery, much to the delight of his heavily pregnant wife, Zosia doesn’t seem as thrilled as she might, her own fall down the stairs might have a little something to do with that, something that only Nicky knows about.

Having found the cause for Nanette’s pain, namely a cyst on the edge of he
caesarean scar, Cam tells his findings to Xavier who on attempting to tell his mum, finds things get heated between them when she won’t co operate, this culminating in him telling her to stop her behaviour as she sits on the edge of her bed, but for this he gets a hard slap around his face from her, a few moments pausing later, he tells her what they think is causing her pain, but she rubs salt in the wound of his recent slap, by telling him that he gave her that scar, that he’s caused her pain ‘since the day they ripped you from my womb’, a tearful Xavier turns in silence and walks away.


Agreeing to have a scan done by Jac in her office so no one knows anything, Zosia watches as her baby appears on the screen revealing to Jac that the baby is Ollie’s, but she’s going to have him or her put up for adoption, that she feels it’s the best thing to do, because ‘it’s parents are a walking disaster’. Jac sees tight aortic stenosis on the scan and tells Zosia it needs dealing with today, that she’s going to call the specialist team, can Zosia really give up her baby?

Enter Fleur Fanshawe being the consultant who has stepped in to operate and perform the surgery on Zosia, unable to not help out given that it’s Zosia, watched by Jac, the usual brand of Fleur’s no nonsense humour and quick banter not going down well Jac (but I found and find it hilarious how she gets under Jac’s skin), pointing out how Jac is in one of her ‘spiky moods’ can always rely on Fleur for some humour!


Xavier has written Cam a glowing report on how well he’s done on Nanette’s case, Cam admits to Serena that Donna suggested the CT scan and that Serena bailed him out during Nanette’s operation, so maybe the report shouldn’t be as good, but Xavier says he sticks by what he has written, that Cam worked well under pressure.
When Cam then suggests Xavier wrote what he did to send Cam back to Darwin and get him out of his hair, Xavier admits that nugget of information might be true, so is his report and the things he wrote, this seems to give Cam food for thought.

Heading home Carole goes to see Ange in her office, letting her know she applied for a job as a receptionist at Holby so she could keep in touch with Dom, after a few minutes of thought she tells Ange that she will go for the job after all, could Carole and Ange be developing a friendly relationship due to their connection with Dom?

In the last action of the episode, Jac and Zosia speak about why she came back from America, and that her doubts have gone after today, that she’s going to take some time off, give birth and then head back to New York to finish what she started, also that she’s not going to give up her baby for adoption that she was thinking about before.
As Zosia is heading out of the door, Jac tells her that she’s naming the valve procedure after her, and that her baby is a boy, it seems Ms Naylor is definitely a soft one under that armour she wears.

With Zosia walking away from the hospital, she rings someone on her phone, this someone being Ollie, it seems she’s going to tell him the news of his child after all!