Quite a relaxed and nice way to start this weeks episode is Essie in Albie’s with a bottle of Prosecco, Fletch leaves due to Mikey back at home, leaving her sat at the table on her own and at the mercy of a rather drunk man called Mark, he’s quickly taken care of and sat back at his stool at the bar when I rather handsome, dark haired man who Essie doesn’t know pretends that he’s been late to meeting her, enter Essie not being bothered by his presence in the slightest, so much so that she fills up the empty champagne glass on the table for him, enter his equally pleased smile as they chink glasses.

The next morning at Holby Essie is a little worse for wear and Fletch sees this, then Ange and Chloe are discussing a little relaxing spa trip that Ange seems rather enthusiastic about.
Henrik and Jac are in her office discussing a new staff member who she’s chosen to start on Darwin, Kian Madani, but he’s not in yet and he should’ve started half and hour ago.
Whilst in Pulses ordering what seems to be a much needed coffee, Essie hears a guy come into the main entrance of the hospital shouting for help, with the suited man Mark from Albie’s on his shoulders, the man shouting is none other than the good looking one from Albie’s the night before, who it turns out is Kian Madani, the new staff member on Darwin, this could get rather interesting, quite a start for your first day Mr Madani!


Scary Sue is working on AAU for the day much to Donna’s and Xavier’s irritation, especially when she mentions about knowing they’re late onto the ward because they’ve been playing ‘doctors and nurses’, this could be one of those shifts on AAU too.

After a brief chat with Carole in Pulses, it seems her and Dom might have started building some kind of bridges after all that’s happened between them, the problem is Dom tells Ange that despite this going as well as can be expected, it’s not going to change the big shift in his life that’s happened since discovering Ange is his biological mum, can her and her son be the ones to start building their own bridges?

Mark has accused Kian of beating him up and trying to steal his car, leading Jac to now also become suspicious of whether there is any truth or not, surely there’s no truth in what he’s saying about Mr Madani….

With tensions rising on Keller in terms of Dom feeling upset and frustrated with Carole’s presence in the hospital, Ange voices this to her at her post on the reception, telling her she’s worried about him, this leads Carole to saying that she’ll leave so she doesn’t get attached to the place, before telling Ange to go and find him, because he needs his mother.
Ange finds him out in the garden in the grounds of the hospital, asking him if they can talk, because she doesn’t want the bad blood between them, especially if they’re working together. He says that he has no interest in trying to make it work with Carole and Ange together, can Ange get through to him?


Jac calls Nicky into her office to ask about her thoughts on Kian since she’s the one who has been around him most of the day, Nicky gives him a glowing review about how good he is on near enough all fronts, is this enough for Jac to give a chance to on the ward too? I bet Nicky first and foremost does and maybe Essie too.

Heading back to Carole at her reception desk, Ange asks her not to quit her job, that she needs her help in regards to Dom, in getting to know him and that she can’t do it on her own, that she needs her close by even if he doesn’t want this. Then going on to tell Carole that it’s time she stepped up and did her part in all things Dom.


Speaking to Xavier about the matrons job, the one that Sue is also applying for, that Donna thought of applying for also, Donna concludes that Sue is a good candidate for the position and that she herself doesn’t need all the extra hassles and nights away from her family and Xavier that comes with it, telling him that Sue would be ideal for the job, that she’s fearless, he seems to agree with her reasoning, their shared stance sealed with a little kiss before they head back into AAU, good luck for the job Sue.

Up on Keller in the staff room, Ange makes herself and Dom a mug of tea each, she tells her son the story of his dad, a man called James who people called Jimmy, she didn’t tell him about being pregnant, therefore not giving him a chance to be Dom’s dad, something she apologises to him for, Dom responds that she makes good tea.


Kian speaks to Mark about what happened the night before, it turns out that Mark was trying to drive his car even though he was too drunk, Kian intervened and put him in the back seat to sleep it off, before he himself fell asleep in the drivers seat, before being dragged out of said seat the next morning by Mark, thinking that the doctor was robbing his car, being that drunk the night before he’d no recollection of what Kian had done. Remembering a bag of personal belongings in the front passenger seat, it turns out Mark lost a woman close to him, that she died and this maybe a factor for Mark’s drinking and behaviour, stepping out of Mark’s cubicle, from behind the curtain to find Jac stood there and has heard every word.

Into Jac’s office, she tells Kian she only believes ten percent of his story, when pressing why he was in the car the doctor says he needed a place to crash, and that when Mark attacked him Kian defended himself against this. He then puts up his case for why he’s good for the job, telling Jac that to find out if she can trust him there’s only one way to find out, will she take the chance?

As he’s leaving after his shift, Carole stops Dom and the pair of them have a brief chat, it being clear that he doesn’t want much to do with her, as he departs with Ange beside him Carole breaks down into tears feeling that she has very much drifted from him.

In the final few minutes of this weeks episode, Jac heads up to speak to Henrik in his office, telling him that she’ll keep Kian for now, telling the CEO he’s different to how she remembers him from when they worked together some years ago, but it’s nothing she can’t handle, it seems Mr Madani isn’t going anywhere fast.
Welcome to Holby Mr Madani!