Things are off to rather a steady start this week, Jac has gotten her coffee from Pulses, also seeing Ange and Essie here too, the two women are talking about what seems to be Kian up on Darwin, Jac looking less that amused, this look and mood remaining as she sees Fletch who is stood waiting for the lift, wearing his gift of a pink tie with white daises on that Scary Sue got him, and seen as she’s starting today as matron he wanted to say thanks.
Both arriving on Darwin, there’s some noise at the nurses’ station, Kian has made a sweet treat called Bamiyeh and is sharing them around, all the staff like them and tell him how nice they are, Jac is not impressed by what she’s seen and calls them all into her office as she heads for that exact place, far from immediately following her, the staff continue to eat from the plate Kian has.

Ange has an ear worm for a song on Keller, humming it to Dom thinking he’d know it, he successfully tells her it Sophie Ellis Bextor Get Over You, and they share a cheer and smiles together, just as they’re about to start discussing her theatre list, she gets a call from Chloe that she takes, Dom’s smile falls away as she does and steps away to talk to her.


Into Jac’s office all the staff go, well apart from Kian who isn’t present because he’s peckish according to Nicky, a little smirk from Cameron quickly disappears when Jac glares at him, she then carries on talking, telling them the ward needs to keep on advancing and coming up with big, new ideas, sending them all back to work, Fletch before leaving telling her in not so many words that her little speech wasn’t exactly motivational for the team, the remaining two bits of Bamiyeh on the plate left on one of the sofas in her office.

Her first shift as matron on AAU and Scary Sue seems to have got off to a bit of a spiky start, taking charge of the rotas, rearranging where forms are kept (where people can’t find them) besides whatever else she’s done that staff aren’t aware off.
But it seems someone else knows her, namely a patient called Marlene who arrives on the ward, mentioning about wanting money from Sue, this making Sue herself scurry away quickly to see patients, what’s happening there?


With Jac still not allowing Kian to get involved in many things on Darwin, Fletch questions why she doesn’t like him, especially as he seems sharp at his job and the patients seem to like him, but Jac still isn’t for giving in, will she let Kian get involved at all any time soon?

Determined to get some kind of theatre with Ange, Dom is not prepared to page Sacha when Ms Noorani, the YAU patient starts bleeding and needs to be rushed into theatre to be operated on, just as a concerned Essie tells another nurse to page Sacha, Ange comes in and they do the operation together, Essie giving Dom a look when Ange asks about someone else being available earlier than herself because of how close it came to being too late for the patient because they waited for her, risky that move there Dom.

Unable to hold back after Kian told a patients son about an alternative operation for his mother, due to what could happen with the surgery Jac had planned, Jac and him start to lock horns and argue at the nurses’ station on Darwin, the other staff looking on, Fletch giving Kian a sympathetic look as Jac walks away.


Moving into the locker room Ange and Dom discuss how she’s behaving around him, this moves onto them talking about things from the past and Chloe’s start in life, Ange tells him that Dom came from a place of love, but she had Chloe as a result of being raped, this leads to her dashing out of the room, a shocked Dom sat on the spot.

Back into the theatre Nicky and Jac go, Jac tells Nicky to page Kian and that they’re going to do the endograft that he suggested at the beginning of things for the woman patient on Darwin, is Ms Naylor softening slightly after Fletch’s words of wisdom earlier in her office?


After a mix up on the ward and Marlene with an overdose of a certain drug, Xavier steps in with Donna to save her, then Donna goes and talks to a distressed and upset Sue in the staff room, it seems that Donna might be stepping in and smoothing things with Marlene when she didn’t expect too, as well as being considered a friend to Scary Sue.

Dom finds Ange who had vanished for a little while after her news she told him, in her office, her headphones in her ears, music playing. They both discuss the situation with Chloe, and the fact that she kept her and gave Dom away. She said she kept her because she couldn’t go through the pain she felt when she gave him up. Ange tells Dom that if he wants to tell Chloe she’s his sister then he can, but that he’ll have to take the consequences of this news if he does, cue Dom walking out of the office.


Serena talks to Marlene about the overdose and manages to explain what happened and prevent her from making any kind of complaint, smoothing things over. Marlene warns Donna not to let Sue get her hooks into her, that she’d rather be in a prison cell that be in any kind of friendship with Sue, could she be right?


Jac goes onto the ward, the nurses’ station to talk to Kian, they discuss about moving forward in working together, he says he just wants to come into work, get his teeth into things and then go home. Asking her if they can just work together and see how this goes, she gives him a patient file to be getting on with and he takes it gladly, can they start again and actually work alongside one another, time will tell.

Dom tells Ange that he won’t Chloe about who he is, that he doesn’t want to hurt her, before Ange asks for time from him which he grants her, but tells her that whilst she can have time, she doesn’t get to abandon him again.

In the last scene of the episode, the Darwin team are heading out for some food and drinks, chatting about it as they leave the hospital via the main entrance, Ange following behind, she herself finishing work, pausing on the ramp to look across at an also departing Dom heading across the grass a bit further in front of her, tears in her eyes as she watches his back head home, can they sort things out between them, and get a proper bond and relationship despite all that has gone on over the years?