Ric and Xavier are in surgery to start the episode to start this week, Essie letting Mr Griffin know that Darla is there, she’s not been feeling well so the school sent her home.

On Keller Ange and Chloe are talking about her splitting up with Evan, this opens the door for Ange to ask if she fancies going for some food together after work because she wants to talk to her, Chloe agrees to it as well as choosing the venue and food, her choice being sushi.
Making her way to see Dom who is upstairs on a course in Holby, she tells him that she’s going to tell Chloe about him being her brother, she tells him she doesn’t know how Chloe will react, but assures him that he’s done nothing wrong regardless of anything.


It seems that everyone hasn’t seen the back of Evan, he appears on Keller as the new locum, this throwing Chloe into a spin, him being the last person that she wants to see at all, can this be civil at all?

Talking to Essie on AAU, Ric says how Kofi has basically washed his hands of Darla since finding out about her pregnancy, the young girl thanking her grandad for all he’s doing for her.
Not long later Ric tells her that he knows that she wasn’t sent home from school, on contacting them he was told she didn’t turn up at all, and has been falling behind in her lessons and studies.
In Pulses they talk some more and she shows Ric the messages she gotten on her phone, her ‘friends’ telling her that her being pregnant has gotten around the school and literally everyone knows. They then discuss her options for what she wants to do about the baby, he tells her if she chose abortion he’d not hate her, he could never hate her. What will she do?


Not wanting Evan to be on the ward and around Chloe, Ange rings up someone in the HR department to get him moved on asap. Chloe asks if her mum had anything to do with this and she says no,but doesn’t seem very convincing to her daughter.

Up on Darwin Kian is convinced he knows the lady patient that Jac is looking after, telling Cam and Nicky that he’s sure she’s an actress, but can’t for the life of him think what film or films she’s been in. The patient herself is getting somewhat uncomfortable at him gawping at her all the time.


Essie speaks to Ric about what himself and Darla discussed in relation to the baby, he gets irritated and says that she’s in so many words interfering, unable to take it back or apologise before she walks away, you need to say sorry Ric, Essie was only trying to help and think of Darla.

Helping Carole when she drops things near Pulses, Chloe starts talking about how Ange has been behaving, and then Carole says about her and Dom haven’t been seeing eye to eye or getting on, wires get crossed and Carole herself ends up revealing that Dom is adopted and Ange is his biological mum, a look of horror washing over Chloe’s face as Carole walks away.


Freaking out and panicking in surgery alongside her mum, Chloe dashes out and Evan follows her, she then reveals to him that Dominic is her half brother, that Ange has been lying to her for all her life, then completely rushing out of the theatre room all together, leaving him looking on at her.

Victoria Parker, Jac’s patient tells Kian he was right about knowing her as an actress, they discuss about her career and how she didn’t get many roles after that one particular film. He reassures her that valve replacement is routine surgery nowadays, she’ll be recovered in a couple of months and then she can get back to her acting, that she shouldn’t waste her talent by not trying to return to acting.


Heading upstairs to see Dom, Chloe talks with him about all that she’s found out and the fact he’s her brother, finding out then from the look on his face that Ange has told him all about how Chloe came to be born, this news causing her to rush out of the room, her expression one of distress and anguish.

Darla tells Essie that she’s decided to get the baby adopted, that she wants her to have it seen as she knows she can’t have children. Essie tells her as much as she’d like that, it’s not how it’d work, but she knows the adoption agency when the time comes will find the baby the best home and family, the pair of them heading off as she tells Ric of her decision.

Having had enough of all that’s happened, in the last scene of the episode, Chloe takes up Evan’s offer of going for a drink, she meets him in the car park as he pulls up in his car, she gets in as Ange comes down the ramp asking her to give her a chance, but Chloe won’t hear of any of it, closing the car door as they both drive away, leaving Ange stood watching the car leave the hospital.

Can their relationship be salvaged at all? Where does this leave all of them now?