We start this weeks episode with Jac making her way back onto Darwin after her time away, she stands in the corridor before actually moving anywhere, a couple of flashbacks of the last time she was here and in the operating theatre with Nicky and Chloe flashing through her mind, these visions causing her to turn around and try to head out, but Kian stops her as he’s coming in himself, reassuring her he’s right there with her, joking that the staff might have even baked them a cake. They both head to the nurses’ station together and pause just before reaching it, looking at what’s going on around them. Welcome back to you both.


Fletch tells Jac to check her emails, it turns out that herself and Kian are the ones pitching for Darwin to run cardiology services for the entire area, she panics and says they’ve no chance against the other candidates because they need weeks to prepare for something like this, that Max is trying to bring private healthcare in and if she succeeds then who knows what will happen at Holby. Kian has other ideas, telling her Max doesn’t know who she’s up against and compared to what the pair of them have been through, this pitch is nothing, fighting talk Mr Madani!


Marty from Casualty comes up to the Darwin office to pay Kian who is his cousin a visit and see how he’s doing, also to let him know that Kian’s mum has been no stop calling Marty every five minutes to see how her son is, Kian says he’ll call her back to save her ringing his younger cousin anymore, Marty letting Kian know he’ll not leave it as long between visits next time because someone needs to keep an eye on him, wise words Marty, wise words.

Spurred on by Max, Ric talks to Serena on AAU and gently suggests to her about other senior posts within the Trust she might be interested in, pastures new for her and all of this, but she won’t hear of it and says that she already has a job here and now, and he can assure Max that there are no hard feelings and she doesn’t intend to cause any trouble, it seems Ric hasn’t succeeded in getting his close friend to take an interest in leaving Holby like Max wanted.

Kian is struggling to find the facts and information he needs for the Darwin pitch and Jac is struggling with being back on Darwin after what happened last time she was here, moving into the office where Fletch and Kian are talking, she asks how she can she do what she did and expect to just walk back in here, because Darwin and Holby needs you and Kian Ms Naylor!


Things don’t quite go according to plan for Kian in terms of the Darwin pitch, he’s just set it up in the meeting room and begins to introduce himself, then the room starts to go out of focus and he collapses, Nicky and Fletch rushing to his aid. Taking him up to Darwin on a trolley Chloe greets them and they take him into a bay, and then Jac comes to see what’s been happening, joined by Marty who voices that he said Kian had been doing to much but no one was listening to him.
A little while later Kian comes around and regains consciousness and Jac is sat on his bed and they talk, she tells him he collapsed from exhaustion, suddenly he sees he has a drip in his arm and says that he hope they haven’t given him morphine, ripping out the drip and then getting out of bed, but he collapses again on the floor, Jac knelt down beside him and then Chloe joins them, both of them seeing the wound on his leg from the hiking last week is bleeding, Jac tells Chloe to contact Serena.


With the help of Jac who comes into the theatre when Serena is operating, the older woman finds the source of Kian’s wound bleeding, a little stray shard of wood from his injury and fall last week, this being responsible for the trouble and infection he’s suffering from. Serena saying to Jac that it’s lucky she was here, nice work Ms Naylor.

Ric goes into Max’s office and tells her she’s handling the issue of Serena all wrong, that she’s an asset and if she pushes her out then she’ll meet resistance, and she’ll be robbing patients and the hospital of one of the finest surgeons that he has ever seen. Max says that it isn’t personal, to which Ric replies that she should embrace Serena, that she can’t fire her and she herself won’t walk away, that she has too many friends here at Holby, what now Max?

Jac is at Kian’s bedside when he wakes up after his operation, she tells him that she’s found out from Marty that Kian was a morphine addict, he tells her that after his wife died he used it to cope with the pain of her death and to help him try and function, but eventually he couldn’t and it was Marty who stepped in and put him into a detox programme, due to this he says he owes his little cousin.


With Kian unable to do the Darwin pitch, Jac steps into the fray and takes it on, she gives a good account of Darwin, Holby and why they should get the services.

In the CEO office Ric finds Max looking at a picture of Lily and he goes to pour them both a drink of whiskey, but she stops him, admitting she’s an alcoholic, then going onto to tell him that the police have found Lily alive and well, but her daughter doesn’t want to see her, that Lily lost her dad and then her mum to the bottle, so she tortures herself with the bottle of whiskey she’ll never drink, sitting there and wanting to turn back time.

In the last scene of the episode, Serena, Jac and Sacha are stood in the main entrance talking between themselves about Max and how they’re against her, Max and Ric step out of the lift, Max locking eyes with Serena and then Jac for a few moments, then she walks out of the doors, Ric following her, it seems battle lines have well and truly been drawn now!