A familiar returning face starts us off this week, Lofty being that face, he arrives with his suitcase at the main doors of Holby, not looking all that happy to be there, rather the opposite if truth be told.

Up on Keller Ange and Dom discuss about Chloe last week telling her mum that she didn’t want to speak to her ever again, Ange is full of regret over what’s happened but isn’t very hopeful of the situation changing any time soon.

Chloe is determined to try and put on a brave face at work, but Evan isn’t convinced by it all, even less so when he sees self harm marks and scars on her arms, telling her that she doesn’t have to pretend to him, that he knows she’s not fine, far from it in fact, adding that it’s because he loves her and wants to be able to help, is Evan all he seems really in all this?

A horse named Fred has been tied up by one of Sacha’s neighbours’ Maxine in the peace garden, she’s got an injury on her side from being kicked by Fred it seems, Fletch tries to get her to move Fred but she won’t claiming that the land is public land and she won’t be moving him, seems like you’ve just been told Fletch.


Sacha talks to a patient called Buster on Darwin about an operation he needs, Jac then comes to the ward and hands Sacha the door keys that he left in the front door, locking her and Emma in the house, they had to climb out the kitchen window to get to school apparently, now that’d be a sight, Jac Naylor climbing out of a window, very nimble!

Dom and Lofty discuss their lack of communication since he’d been in America, and how when they did talk Dom seemed distance and uninterested, this is something Lofty found difficult and that he felt he might be losing Dom. Before Lofty can say what he wanted and needs to say to his husband, Dom blurts out that he’s adopted.


On AAU Donna is a bit suspicious of Lofty’s behaviour and how he seems off on the ward, asking him if he’s ok he says he is, and blames jetlag for it, something tells us and Donna that it’s more serious than that and if it is when is he going to reveal all to Dom?

It turns out that Fred has been stolen by Maxine from her ex husband, since he got custody of the horse in their divorce settlement, he also along with his new wife have a restraining order on Maxine, both Donna and Lofty seemed surprised by these revelations. She goes onto tell them both that things escalated during the divorce and she got a bit out of control, damaging his car badly doing it on purpose, this then rattling his new wife and resulted in the restraining order being issued against her.

Still sensing something isn’t right Donna again asks Lofty what’s going on with him, that something is obviously troubling him, this triggers the nurse to reveal that he’s cheated on Dom, both of them moving into the staff room to continue talking. Lofty says that when he spoke to his husband in America he was hurt that he was so distant, that there wasn’t any love being put across to him, this causing him to break down in tears. He goes onto say he needs to Dom the truth now, because he’d be being honest with him.


Jac isn’t fully convinced that Sacha moving out is a good idea, she asks him is he really sure that it’s the right decision, is he really ready, is the reason that he moved in in the first place isn’t still there, maybe Jac does have a point there Sacha.

With Ange and Dom, along with Chloe all teaming up to take part in a surgery that needs all of their skills, the atmosphere is tense to say the least, Chloe being not in the least bit interested in any kind of small talk, or talk in general to her brother or mum, can any kind of progress be made between the three of them or have positions been taken up for good now?

A chink of light is seen when she agrees to have lunch with the both of them, to talk, in the locker room she tells Evan this and he seems a bit put out by her not going for lunch with him, and then tries to stir the pot by trying to say that Dom is somehow gaining all of what he wants from ‘this’, I sense someone doesn’t want Chloe to build bridges with either of them.


At their lunch things don’t go quite as well as planned, Chloe gets ate up and angry at how it appears that Dom and Ange have gotten closer, then she gets upset because of how she was conceived and what that means for her, compared to how Dom was ‘born out of love’, before it getting too much as she gets up and walks away from the table in tears.

Up in Ange’s office, the pair of them discuss all of what’s happened and the issue of how upset Chloe is, then Ange says how Chloe needs her more than Dom needs her, that he has a mum and dad, and a husband, that he has a family. Clearly not liking anything that has just been said to him, and feeling upset he walks out of the office, Ange putting her head in her hands, every time things seem to be making a little step forward, something throws them back again.


Taking advantage of Chloe’s vulnerable state, Evan tells her how when she’s close to either Dom or Ange they remind her of how she was born due to Ange’s rape, and then says for her to keep her distance from them for a while, suggesting that she comes home with him tonight, she agrees to and they share a kiss. Evan is quite the dark character and it seems like this is just the start of how he’s going to manipulate her and those who care about her.

With Lofty on his way home, him and Dom are stood outside on the metal stair case, Dom then finds the present that Lofty tried to bin when he first came on shift earlier that day, it’s a metal money clip engraved with ‘For Ben xx’ on it, seeing it in front of his eyes Dom realises exactly what has happened and that Lofty has cheated on him. After an argument he tells Lofty that he doesn’t want him anywhere near me, that he needs to go away, which he does and heads off down the stairs.

Back on Keller ward in the last bit of action of the week, Dom is swiping through men on a ‘hook up app’ as he called them not long ago to Lofty, then he stands looking at his phone as he gets some kind of notification from it, then heads outside back onto a part of the roof, sending a message to someone saying that he’s there now, coming face to face with none other than Isaac, who asks him if his husband knows that he’s meeting strangers, cue Dom’s totally shocked face at seeing his ex, can he really go through with this, and get tangled up once again with the man who caused him so much pain and put him through so much abuse??