Quite the sombre start to the episode this week, it’s evening time and Cameron dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and black tie, with a black waistcoat enters his flat, Nicky is sat at the kitchen island, he immediately gets Chloe’s bottle of wine out of the fridge and wastes no time in guzzling near enough all of it before he’s even sat down where Nicky was not seconds before.

Alex finds Serena in Albie’s drinking Shiraz and asks the older woman about the memorial at the hospital that they’re having, she asks Serena to speak to Cameron about it because she wants to go. Serena at first says no that he’s made his decision and then says she’ll see.

Back at the flat Cameron gets upset in his bedroom and Nicky hugs him, before he kisses her and then she pulls back for a few seconds unsure, but then leans in and kisses him back.

The morning after the night before with Nicky and Cameron, he gets up out of bed and gets dressed in front of her seemingly quick to get away from what has happened, he apologises to her for what happened, which she dismisses and says it fine and then watches him leave the room, did it mean more to her than him?

Whilst starting to treat a patient with a head injury on AAU, Serena makes a remark about being on the front line, this causes Cameron to react in rather a hostile way, telling her that if it wasn’t for her then Bernie wouldn’t have been on the front line and wouldn’t be dead, this shocks Serena, her face one of pain as he passes by her and away from the patient’s bed and out of the ward. She follows him and finds him sitting on the stairs, after they start talking Alex appears and causes him to tell her to go away, that she’s not welcome here. Before Alex goes to tell Cameron something he doesn’t know Serena stops her, telling the younger woman if Bernie meant anything to her then she’ll walk away, which she does, Serena then tells Cameron to go home, the question is will he listen?


Making his way back onto the AAU ward, Cameron asks Serena what Alex was talking about but stopped from saying not minutes before. Serena takes him into her office and reveals to him that Bernie and Alex were back together and they were engaged, that’s what Alex has told her. Cameron isn’t happy at this not being told to him by Bernie, that she didn’t trust him with anything, then shouting at Serena that Alex can come to the memorial because nothing he says counts for anything, storming out of the office before Serena can stop him.

Ange and Dom talk about the fact that Carole is resigning from her job and moving to the Algarve due to the situation with Dom and the tension and upset that it’s causing, she tells him that he’s behaving like a child who thinks the whole world revolves around him. He asks her if this is what she really thinks of him, she says she wants him to prove her wrong, but Dom isn’t happy with this remark, and says he’s sorry for being such a disappointment to her and leaves her office.

Seeming to listen to Ange’s advice, Dom goes down to the reception to see Carole, she says that she’ll work her notice and then be out of his life, that because he’s not her son he doesn’t get a say in what happens, this seems to defeat Dom and he turns to head to the lift in silence, is this really it for him and Carole?


Returning to AAU rather drunk, Cameron causes havoc, shouting and stumbling around the ward, as well as noticing an error in the paperwork that Ric has done, a discrepancy that the older man hasn’t spotted. After not being able to be made to leave the ward, the patient in questions monitor starts beeping and Ric and Serena attend to him whilst Cameron leans over the nurse’s station and vomits into the nearby bin.

After the patient that Serena and Ric were treating dies on the operating table, Serena takes Cameron into the office and gives him a cup of coffee, telling him that she’ll always be here for him, that he’s going to tidy himself up and get ready for Bernie’s memorial service.

Dom catches Carole at the bus stop after Henrik tells him that’s where she is after he’s sent her home early because she was so emotional. The two of them go and sit on a bench in the grounds of the hospital, talking about how Barry her husband was unable to get her pregnant so they adopted him and she knew that even if she’d have had her own baby then that child still wouldn’t have been as perfect as she finds ‘her little Dazzle’. The love she has for him made things worse for Barry because it reminded him of the child he couldn’t give Carole, when Dom came out as gay it was another reason for Barry to reject him, that she didn’t want to tell him all this because she didn’t want to lose him, the pair of them holding hands as she tells the story.

At Bernie’s memorial service, Serena does a reading to a little round of applause and then it’s Cameron’s turn but he can’t read his eulogy out because he’s too emotional, so Dom steps in and asks if he can say some words. Standing on the podium that has been set up for readings, he talks about how lucky he was to meet Bernie and then about how lucky Cameron was to have to have his mum in his life, this causes Cameron himself to dash off to the roof, Nicky following behind him, she then is handed the letter from Bernie that Alex gave him and she starts to read it as he asks.
When Nicky has read it Cameron tears it up and then screams into the air in all of the emotions that he’s feeling.

In the last scene of the episode, Serena and Alex are sat in Serena’s car and they share memories about Bernie, Alex asking about the story Serena told of pretending that she kissed a woman in Stepney. She asks Alex if she’d like a drink but the younger woman declines saying she has to be at the airport first thing in the morning to go back to Mogadishu, then telling Serena that she’s glad that they’ve found each other, placing a kiss on the older woman’s cheek and placing her hand over Serena’s, both of them telling one another that it’s going to be ok, Alex then gets out of the car, closing the door and walking away, leaving Serena sat in the drivers seat, head back on the head rest, eyes staring up at the car roof. Is this the last we’ve seen of Alex? And what is going to be the repercussions for Serena, Cameron and the rest of the Holby family now?