Dom in the on call room is how we’re starting this week, he’s awake before his alarm goes off, looking at himself in the mirror, a wound to his chest that’s got a small dressing on it.
Then we are taken straight to the outside of theatre, Dom just finished a surgery and is now washing his hands after putting his surgical theatre gown in the bin, Sacha comes into see him and tells him that he needs to slow down, revealing how Dom has been sleeping in the on call room for five days, and that it’s against regulations. Dr Copeland trying to convince Sacha that he’s fine, but he’s not convinced at all, quite the opposite.

Up on Keller Sacha talks to Ange about how Dom is behaving and him shutting people out, he asks her to keep an eye on him for him.
Essie is the one then informing Dom that Lofty keeps finding ways to come up to Keller to catch glimpses of his husband, he tells her that Lofty is the one that is leaving him sandwiches for breakfast. She tells him that Lofty cares for him, and maybe give him a chance to make things up to Dom, but if it’s Dom’s fault whatever is going on, then he should forgive himself.
As Essie leaves the locker room, Dom looks at his phone, and on the ‘hook up app’ that was mentioned last week, brings up a photo of Isaac, before we are then taken back a week ago in a flashback.

In the flashback up on the roof, Dom and Isaac start to talk and he tells Isaac that this ‘meeting’ was a mistake, before exiting the roof and leaving the other man stood there.
Xavier, Dom and Ange are in a surgery together, and Dom walks out of theatre after he takes phone call, said phone call being due to Carole having called security after Isaac is trying to get into Holby because of his dad being a patient. Sacha, Dom and Carole are then in Henrik’s office discussing the issue of Isaac and whether Dom wants him removed from the hospital.


A man, business man called Ken, a very keen one is on Darwin to see Jac and show her his hospital machine, called Visus 3D. They’ve met before when he came onto Darwin dressed in an elf costume and she performed surgery on him. She tells him she doesn’t want all his talk, she wants him to set it up so she can see for herself how it works and how good it actually is.

Sacha, Henrik and Ange talk on the stairs about Isaac and what he did to Dom in the past, Ange is horrified at this news, and tries to keep her emotions in check due to neither men knowing about her being Dom’s mum.


Carole confronts Jon Mayfield Isaac’s dad on AAU, telling him that he needs to tell Isaac to stay away from Dom, that he’s torturing him, this backfires when he starts bleeding out of one of his arms and his monitors start beeping, I don’t think that was the best thing you could’ve done Carole.

Flashback again, Dom and Isaac discuss his time in prison and how Isaac says he suffered in there and was hurt whilst he served his time, can Dom believe anything he’s being told? Dom then loses it and starts shouting at him, telling him that he’s the reason for all of this.


Isaac gets irate when he hears that his dad is being transferred to St James’, something Sacha put in place and decided. He shouts out in front of Sacha, Henrik, Ange and Carole, also Dom that Ange is the ‘real mother’. In the Keller office, Sacha, Henrik and Ange decide to perform surgery that Jon Mayfield needs in order to not only fix him but try to fix the entire issue in regards to how Isaac is behaving and everything connected to this problem.

Dom and Isaac are talking on the floor of the store room they argued in in the flashback, Isaac taking a piece of glass out of the doctors chest and pressing a tissue to the wound, something that seems to surprise Dom given the history of the other man.

It is revealed to Isaac by Dr Copeland that his dad has breast cancer, that they’ve found a lump in his arm pit and it extends to his chest, Isaac says that he suspected something about his dad being ill and should’ve brought him in sooner. Then saying how himself and Dom are outsiders, outcasts and that they’re alike before walking off.


Ange gets upset in her office in front of Fletch about the fact that she gave Dom away, and that now everyone knows that she’s his biological mum, being hugged by him as she cries about all that’s happened and what Isaac did to him.

Isaac reveals to Dom that he stole the doctors GMC number to get prescription opiates for his father and didn’t regulate them as well as he should’ve done. He then says that he’s giving Dom back the power, that he did what he did to help his father.

In the last scene of the episode back in the present day, Dom is sat on the bed of the on call room, Lofty coming in after finding out where his husband was. Lofty says that all that’s happening between them isn’t them, asking him to come home tonight, that he knows what he did was wrong, that he wants them to try and sort out things between them, that if after they’ve tried it doesn’t work, and it’s the end of them then he’ll have to live with this. Ending by saying that there has to be some place for redemption, then he leaves and closes the door behind him, leaving Dom sat in the same spot on the bed, looking at his wedding ring, tears in his eyes, can they work things out or even start to, or has too much happened? There’s also the ‘small’ problem of a certain man called Isaac to.