Carrying a plastic box with various things in it, Dom heads up the ramp and then stops half way up, taking out his headphones and tipping said things all over the floor before walking away and into the hospital, quite the different start to the episode for this week. The stuff turns out to be Lofty’s, he sees people taking it as he’s walking into work with Donna and dashes over, starting to pick his belongings up with her help.

Henrik gets a surprise to the start of his day too when Sara Fredricks wife turns up at his office door with Oskar his grandson, asking for his help because the little boy is ill.

Up on AAU Lofty is furious at the fact his saxophone is broken, himself and Dom then start to bicker with one another about what’s happened, their voices becoming a little louder, Lofty then departs the ward and Dom makes a comment about him walking away, hearing this Serena steps in and tells him that that is enough, immediately quietening Dom, it seems that the pair of them could’ve done with Ms Campbell over the past few weeks.


In her office in AAU Serena asks Dom if it’s right about him throwing Lofty’s belongings outside the hospital, and then about all that’s going on between them, questioning if it’s a blip between them. When Dom says he’d rather not talk about it, she tells him not to shout about it anymore with his husband on the ward then and if he doesn’t want her policing his problems, then not to throw anymore ‘boxes full of drama in front of the hospital’, oh Serena we’ve missed you!

On Keller the tests that Ange has had done on Oskar, she’s the doctor that Henrik has asked to help find out what’s happening and look after him, have come back inconclusive. She then tells Henrik that she doesn’t think his grandson is ill at all, this quietens Henrik, could Ange be right?


Ange, Henrik and Essie, along with Sacha discuss the fact that it very well could be Sara who is saying that her son is ill when he really isn’t, and it’s revealed that something similar has happened in a hospital in Sweden, and that before a proper investigation and questions could be done, Sara simply left with the little boy. Henrik speaks to Sara and asks to spend some time with Oskar, to let him know that his grandfather is there to look after him, also maybe on the ruse of finding out more about what has been going on behind closed doors.

In his office with Oskar, Henrik tries to speak to him and understand what’s been going on with Sara, the little boy reveals that he hasn’t been feeling ill until his mum said he was, and that he didn’t wake up during the night feeling sick like Sara had told Henrik a little while earlier, it seems that Sara has some explaining to do, could she really be harming or lying about her little boy?

Jon Mayfield dies, after Isaac finally comes to his bed side and the pair of them have a little, quiet war of words, but Dom is unable to revive him when he arrests, causing Isaac to run out of the ITU room, tears down his face.


Talking outside the front of the hospital about his dads death, what Dom did to try and help, Isaac points out the fact that what Dom did could cost him his career which he is very aware of, and that Dom wouldn’t do all of what he had if he still didn’t have feelings for him, his pager stops Dr Copeland from responding to that question, simply saying that he’s needed inside and heading back into the hospital.

Outside of the ward Henrik and Sara discuss the situation with Oskar, and how it’s effected her too, mentally and physically. After they reach some common ground and she in a manner of speaking is not quite sure what to do or where to turn next, Henrik says that he’ll put both her and Oskar back together, that he’ll help them.


In her presentation for her project idea, Chloe gets ate up at her laptop not working and descends into a panic attack in front of Jac, Serena and some other board members. Managing to compose herself, she then closes said laptop, saying she doesn’t really need it, before stepping forward away from the laptop and beginning to explain her idea.
Jac reveals a little later on that they liked the idea Chloe proposed, and that she needs to get her the full details of the entire project, before then setting her another job to do with a patient on Darwin, it seems Ms Naylor does care.

Finding out that Sara has walked out leaving Oskar in the hospital which Ange tells Henrik, and that means he’s under his grandfathers care now, at first the CEO starts to talk about failing them both, but Ange challenges this, says that Sara has left the most valuable thing in her life with him, nice way of looking at it Ms Goddard.

Confronting Isaac on the inside staircase about making a complaint about him, that he then dropped, the pair of them talk about their relationship and what happened between them, how Isaac then hit him. With Dom against the wall as they talk, their faces get within millimetres of each other, Isaac saying that Dom misses what they had, asking him what he wants, to tell him what he wants. Dom replies that he wants things to go back to how they used to be, and Isaac says he wants that too, before anything else can happen, a door up the stairs opens and breaks them apart, Dom heading off down the stairs saying they should go.


Suggesting they go to Albie’s to celebrate Chloe’s success in her project, Cameron is interrupted by Evan coming onto Darwin, he manages to persuade his girlfriend to not go out with Cameron and Nicky and to go into town with him for dinner instead, it being rather clear that he doesn’t want Chloe going anywhere or with anyone else besides him, Nicky looking to Cameron as she stands behind him, her face saying it all in what Evan has just done in front of them, how long can he keep controlling her for, and at what cost?

Leaving Keller with Oskar and Eddie the giant teddy bear, Henrik pauses before they go through the doors and fully leave the ward, telling his little grandson that he’s going to take care of him, but he may need his help in this, taking the little boys hand and then slowly making their way together, Henrik you are so sweet with Oskar already!

In the last scene of the episode, Dom and Isaac head into the carpark, Dom going home and Isaac leaving, they both talk about all that’s happened since Isaac and his dad turned up at the hospital. Dom says that he wants his life back from before Isaac reappeared in it, that he isn’t like him because he’s still a doctor, telling him to have a nice life, then turning and putting his headphones in and walking away from the hospital leaving Isaac stood there alone, shouting at Dom not to do this, not to go.
Too late Isaac, he left you a long long time ago after he saw you for the abusive person you really are!