We’re straight into the action this week as we see a flashback, someone is rushed into theatre on a trolley, a rather large and nasty head wound at the back of their head, Serena and Sacha being heard in theatre, before Ms Campbell says they’re out of time and she’ll have to do it herself, then we’re back in the time before the ‘incident/accident’ happened.

On AAU Dom and Lofty are discussing how they both see the split between them, Lofty asking if it’s a trial separation or the first step to a divorce, Dom doesn’t have an answer for him and dodges answering the question, saying he is at work and therefore can’t give him an answer.

In the flat with Nicky, Cam and Chloe, she’s been looking at flats to maybe move out, an idea suggested by none other than Evan, of course it was him, seen as he’s got her eating a overnight chia bowl with roasted strawberry for her breakfast, instead of what she usually eats, maybe bacon on toast kind of girl as Cameron points out. Both of her friends seems not exactly pleased by her news, but Cameron even more so as he’s the one who is recognising how Evan is subtlety controlling aspects of his friends life.


With the pharmacy flagging the amount of opiates that Isaac forged prescription wise under Dom’s name, it turns out from the man himself that he did quite a few, plus some for a rainy day, it seems he’s determined to keep Dom in the mire with him whatever it takes.

Oskar is on Keller ward with Henrik, happily in the office colouring in pictures, but when his granddad comes into see him in his blue scrubs, the little boy suddenly won’t show him what he’s colouring in, not seeming as happy as he was before.

Having manipulated Lofty again, Isaac plays the sympathy card and persuades Lofty to come with him to the mortuary to see his dad, claiming he can’t do it alone, something tells me that you don’t really care about anything but driving a wedge the size of the Grand Canyon and beyond between Dom and his husband.


Flashing back to the surgery we saw before, Serena is operating and the patients skull spurts a rather large bleed towards her, she utters the words ‘if he survives this it’ll be a miracle’.

Back in the present in the mortuary, Isaac throws himself into Lofty’s arms crying, before then turning the screw a little more and weirdly putting his lips to Dom’s husbands next, Lofty immediately pulling away and looking on in horror at Isaac, then dashing out of the mortuary, leaving Isaac stood on the spot smirking to himself.


Having gone to find Isaac outside the mortuary after Dom takes his wedding ring off in AAU, having not listened to a word Lofty was trying to tell him about Isaac in the mortuary, Lofty confronts Isaac about how he’s been behaving, that he’s the reason they split up. Not backing down to the confrontation seems to rattle Isaac and he knees Lofty in the stomach and then punches his face, causing the nurse to fall backwards and hit the back of his head on the nearby fire extinguisher, leaving him in a heap on the floor, Isaac looking on momentarily and then walking off.

Serena finds Lofty sat on the stairs where Isaac left him, asking him if he’s ok, but the pair of them don’t get very far as the nurse then collapses on the stairs and Ms Campbell calls out for help, before rushing him up to AAU and then straight to theatre on a trolley, Dom seeing that it’s his husband on the trolley.

In the operating theatre, Serena is waiting on someone from neuro and Dom is just outside the theatre looking on, she says that they are out of time and she’ll have to do it herself, that she won’t let him die. Then she is handed a scalpel and starts the surgery, can she save Lofty with his husband looking on?


Sacha joins Serena in theatre, he asks if there is no sign of neuro, which there isn’t, she tells Sacha they have to deal with the haematoma on their own, because if they don’t, then Lofty will die, come on you two, let’s see what magic you can perform. Not wanting Dom to stay and watch anymore, Serena gets one of the staff outside the theatre to take him up to her office and to wait in there, Isaac watching Dom walking into the office, up on AAU.

Not long later Serena herself is walking onto AAU and into her office to see Dom, after delivering some news to him Dr Copeland walks out in tears, question is what is the news?
It turns out that Serena has told Dom that Lofty may die because of the blood loss he’s suffered.


Coming back into the office on Keller to see Oskar, only this time in his suit, Henrik is greeted by a smiling and happier little boy, it turns out it was the blue scrubs the CEO was wearing were the things making Oskar unhappy, because they reminded him of all the hospitals his mum had taken him too, he found them frightening.

Talking to a distraught Dom, Isaac reveals how he overdosed his father and obstructed a vein so that his father would go back into hospital, and then he could get close to Dom again. Isaac then goes onto say that if he’d have his way then Lofty would’ve been out of the picture a long time ago, Dom tells Isaac that he hates him, and that he’s going to go to the police about all that’s happened, before Serena interrupts and takes Dom to see Lofty.

Dom brings Isaac into the side room to see Lofty, Lofty opening his eyes to say hello to Isaac, and then Dom informs his abusive ex that his husband remembers everything that happened to him, about what Isaac did to him. With the door of the room open, Serena comes into picture and looks on at all that’s happening, her eyes fixed on Isaac. It’s then that Isaac tries to make a run for it out of the ward, bumping into Sacha at the ward doors and then straight into the hands of two waiting detectives, one of who puts handcuffs on him, both of them escorting him away, arresting him for grievous bodily harm.

Back we go to the Keller office with Henrik and Oskar, the both of them dancing together to the robot on the desk, accompanied by some robotic dance music, they really are the cutest granddad and grandson team, and seeing Henrik with the little boy is adorable!


In the last scene of the episode, Dom and Lofty are in his room talking about what’s happened, and how Isaac has destroyed things, or had a very good go. Dom tells Lofty that he still loves him, putting back on the wedding ring he took off and put in his pocket earlier, telling his husband that they’re so much better together than they are apart, cue a smile from Lofty, both men holding their left hands together, gazing at one another as the Holby music starts up to end another episode.

It seems Isaac that your dastardly plan didn’t get the result you wanted, but sent you back to the place you definitely deserve to be in and shouldn’t ever be let out of, prison.