Ric and Xavier kick off the episode for us this week, both men are looking at some scans on the computer, before Xavier admits that he couldn’t sleep thinking about an operation that he’s due to perform on a patient that’s on AAU.

Sacha is down in Patricia’s cleaning room in the basement, listening to French music and cleaning the room, or should that be trying to clean it as Essie points out, joking that it’s a bigger mess at the moment with him doing it, haha Essie. But he does add a sweet and romantic touch as he cleans by hiding chocolate truffles behind his girlfriends favourite cleaning products, awww Sacha!

Going through his introduction to the operation he’s going to perform with Ric, Xavier is talking to Donna about it in the locker room, before Ric then comes in and tells him it’s time to go and do the operation, before getting a focus action towards his face from Donna and then she giggles and leaves the room, not that Xavier found it funny.

Just as Ric and Xavier head to theatre, Nanette turns up on AAU, Donna sees her but her son doesn’t, she manages to distract her boyfriend telling him she’ll catch them up in regards to the operation, allowing her to move over to Nanette and speak to her about why she’s here. Nanette is a bit hostile towards Donna and won’t really let her know why she is in AAU, the nurse telling the older woman that she’ll get another nurse to check her hand that she says hurts whilst she’s in theatre with Xavier.


After finding a letter of Patricia’s that was open, it says that her student visa has been rejected, Sacha is worried about what it means, even though Essie says that his girlfriend has probably sorted it out weeks ago, but Sacha doesn’t look or seem convinced.

In the operation Ric loses his cool when one of the nurses in the theatre hasn’t prepared a stapler for the procedure, then Donna decides that she can’t be in helping the operation when Nanette is on the ward of AAU, not that she directly tells Xavier why she needs to leave, maybe not the best idea Donna.

Patricia finds the truffles that Sacha left and the fact he has cleaned her cleaning room, coming up to Keller to tell him how much of a wonderful person and man he is, how delighted she is, these two definitely are cute!


Unable to fully understand what’s going on with Nanette and what has happened that has brought her into AAU, Donna leaves Alex Xavier’s brother a voicemail to try and get some information, then asking Ric’s advice on what he thinks about the situation, but he’s not in any mood to take part, telling her that she seems to know the answers already, looks like this one is on you Donna.

Down in Patricia’s cleaning room, herself and Sacha talk about the visa letter he found and read, she reveals to him that she’s not going through anymore stages of the process, that there are no more stages, that she can’t do anything else. Then she tells him they’ve told her to book her flight home, that appealing would be pointless, it won’t help. Thinking that he’s the cause of this situation, he gets flustered and leaves the room, not listening to her calling his name, heading for the toilets on Keller and splashing his face with water. Essie comes see him and he tells her ‘It’s all messed up’.


Nanette’s husband Marlon is wheeled into AAU by Cam, apparently he’d been found outside his house in the road, having lost a lot of blood, something pierced him and when straight through his abdomen, Donna tells him to take Marlon up to Keller, as her husband is leaving on a trolley, with an oxygen mask Nanette asks what she’s done, yes what have you done Nanette?

Finding out about his dad and him being injured, Xavier leaves theatre straight away and goes to AAU to find out what is going on. Heading into his mum’s side room he asks her directly what has been going on that has led to this situation. Nanette isn’t very forthcoming with any details about what’s happened, causing Xavier to lose his cool and storm out of her room obviously frustrated and angry, Donna tries to help and reason with him with what’s going on but he isn’t for hearing it.


Talking to Nanette, Donna manages to get some more clarity on all that’s been going on recently to get them into this position. It turns out that she might well have been defending herself from someone who was attacking her, a neighbour Mr Ricci ,her memory rather vague as to what’s happened also due to mixing lithium with ibuprofen due to her having cold, the side effects fitting with her loss of memory and other symptoms.

Xavier talks to his dad about all that’s happened, Marlon tells his son that Nanette has never been violent, then he tells his son that he understands why Xavier hasn’t contacted him due to all that’s happened, Marlon saying how they do what they do for his mum.
Nanette comes up to see her husband and gets very tearful at the state he’s in, both herself and Marlon in tears, and then Xavier too as he looks on at his parents.


Back down in Patricia’s cleaning room, herself and Sacha talk about her having to leave the country and her deportation as she tidies her things away into a box, that her father has cancer and she must leave. Sacha tries to say about going with her but she won’t hear of it, telling him that they’ve said no to her and that when she leaves they won’t let her back, both of them with resigned looks on their faces, knowing that this is it for them both and their relationship.

Heading towards the end of the episode, Fletch makes his way into Jac’s office, awkwardly mentioning or trying to mention about himself and Ange, and their blossoming relationship. Jac tells him that she’s happy for him, to which Fletch replies that she’s really nice and beams a smile about Ange, then leaving the room.

In the last scene of the episode, Donna and Xavier talk about all the days events, things getting a little heated between them, Xavier unhappy Donna didn’t tell him about his mum in AAU, Donna thinking she’d done the right thing or was trying to help. He tells her that he’s staying in the hospital tonight, that he needs to be with his family as he leaves the office, Donna’s tense and unhappy expression saying it all, can their relationship get past this hurdle, or will Nanette continue to be the thing that causes friction and tension? Can they put the days events behind them, or is this a bit too much on top of everything else?