Rather a calm and quiet start to this weeks proceedings, Cameron is sitting on the end of his made bed in the flat before getting up and closing a nearby drawer, a picture of Bernie staring up at him. Heading into the kitchen, Nicky, Evan and Chloe have all finished breakfast, then speak about how there’s still some bits left for him if he wants something to eat, he looks less than impressed seen as this ‘breakfast club’ has been happening between the three of them for the third day in a row, declining the offer of Evan making him some toast, the three friends leaving the kitchen, Cameron is left on his own sponging milk from his top, not the best start to the day.

In Holby, Donna and Xavier are talking in the on call room, discussing the fact that Xavier has been taking care of his parents but hasn’t replied to any texts she’s sent him over the past few days. He’s acting like it’s not a big deal, when it clearly is and it’s effecting Donna greatly, she ends up leaving the room, and him sat on the bed, a scowl and unhappy look over her face, telling him how she’s not tired anymore.

Back in the flat, just as he’s leaving for work, Cameron overhears Evan on the phone in the bedroom next to his, clearing talking affectionately to someone on the other end, that someone obviously not Chloe, seen as she’s already gone off to work earlier. Hiding behind the corner as Evan comes out to a noise he thinks he’s heard, not seeing Cameron and then going back inside the bedroom, got a secret someone have we Evan?


Fletch and Kian in the Darwin office are discussing Fletch and his new suit, his new fragrance, and the fact that tonight is his and Ange’s first official date, he looks a bit nervous, but is made to smile by Kian who asks him to give him a twirl in his new outfit, Fletch offering a side shuffle instead before he leaves the office, looking smart Fletch!

Cameron’s patient Mr Galvan sees how troubled Dr Dunn is and tells him so, going on to tell him it’d help him to see the younger man unburdened. When they both talk about things, he tells him in no uncertain terms that he needs to tackle the cause of the problem or problems, the heart of the issue so to speak.

Losing his patience at how things are between himself and Donna, he heads into the office where she is and they start to have a heated argument. She tells him how when she went home after his parents were in Holby and how he spoke to her then she cried, this after swearing she’d never spend another night crying because of the way a man made her feel, this seems to hit a nerve with Xavier, having not known she’d done this. She tells him to take care of himself, and then she leaves the office, she needed you Xav and you weren’t there for her, how are you planning on starting to make this situation better?


Up on Keller, Fletch discusses with Ange about the overtime she’s been doing and how her ‘standing on toes’ needs to stop, she’s been doing extra electives and this is going to be cracked down on by the board. Far from putting his foot down with her, it seems Ange hasn’t quite gotten this message and thanks him for worrying about her and the situation.

Trying again to talk to Ange about her extra electives and the boards thoughts, these being that he himself would take the fall. She asks why he’s being like this when it’s not who he is, but if it turns out he is like the board, then she’ll fight him with the rest of them, uh oh, does that mean the planned date is off?

A familiar face is back on AAU, Nanette is back and here to say thank you to Donna, she says how she’s says some horrible things in the past and wants to apologise, saying how she doesn’t want an atmosphere between the two of them, that Xavier is happy and she’s good for him, followed by a kiss on the cheek from the older woman, bridges are being built greatly it seems between the two women.


Ever the wise man of AAU, Ric tells Xavier that as much of a good and glittering career that is ahead of him, what the younger man can achieve won’t be enough. Ric goes onto admit that if he had his time again, he’d try harder to make sure certain people were still in his life, in other words Xavier, sort your relationship with Donna out!

Acting on Ric’s words not long later, Xavier is in AAU with a red heart balloon, getting down on one knee in the middle of the ward, and asking Donna to marry him. Donna says no and takes him to one side, asking what the matter with him is. You can’t just propose after everything that’s happened and that means everything is ok again, it’s going to take a lot more work and effort than this.


In the surgery for his patient the stress and pressure of everything catches up to Cameron and he ends up having a panic attack, freaking out in the middle of surgery, things going from bad to worse when they have to try and save the dying man on the operating table, Cameron’s eyes wide in desperation as Kian, Evan and the other staff take over.

Back into the office Donna and Xavier go, discussing how things are between them at the moment and the proposal, she tells him that he has to face his past head on and talk about the things that have happened, that she knows him better than he thinks she does, but Xavier isn’t really for listening or wanting to hear this, leaving the office.

After losing the patient, Cameron confronts Evan outside the theatre about how he heard him on the phone that morning, and how Evan is behaving towards him. Evan counters him by saying how Chloe needs him due to her being in the past with a controlling ex boyfriend, oh the irony of him saying about the issue of control, I’d say Cameron is onto you and you don’t like this, because he can see how controlling you are.

Heading down the corridor and his eyes filled with tears, Cameron hears all the things that have been said to him and he’s said since he’s been back at Holby, standing next to the deceased patients bed and sobbing, being consoled by Chloe at first and then Kian, it seems it’s all got too much for him.


Finally having the conversation with his mum he should’ve had a long time ago, Nanette tells her son that it’s time for her to be the parent again. This leads Xavier to say he thinks him and Donna are over because of the fact Donna thinks he can’t love her properly, this all stemming from Noah’s death. Nanette tells her son that it was an accident and no one was to blame, Xavier then goes on to say that he knows she hates him, but she tells him straight away that she doesn’t at all hate him, with tears down their cheeks mum and son embrace properly for the first time in maybe forever, wounds are being healed between mum and son that have needed to be so for years.

Fletch and Sacha are in Albie’s drinking champagne, Fletch has come to the conclusion that the date with Ange is off after he had to lay down the law about her electives that day, but he is surprised when the lady herself turns up in a red trouser suit and leopard print heels, saying that she thought they had a date, a big smile on her face!

Out in the car park as both of them are heading home, Xavier and Donna talk about all that has happened that day, and how he’s spoke to his mum and it went better than he thought. Going onto to tell her that he loves her and he should’ve told her ages ago, telling her he wanted her to know and she’s made him a better man, telling her that if she texts him, then he’ll answer, cue a smile between them both, could they get through this and get their relationship back on track?


In Albie’s Fletch and Ange talk about their day, and then he takes the lead and says about them going somewhere for some food and seeing where the night takes them, cue their first kiss together, smiles for each other and her telling him she likes him being assertive, holding hands at the table, then leaving the bar for their date, you two together are cute, enjoy your date!

The last scene of the episode takes us back to where we started, Cameron is back in his bedroom, led on his bed after getting home, finding the picture of his mum that was in his drawer this morning, has now found it’s way under his pillow with two kisses on the back of it, is this Evan playing mind games and messing with him like he thinks? And if it is, how far will this game playing go and can Cameron cope, or even expose Evan for the type of man he actually is?