A rather nervous Cameron starts us off this week, he’s walking behind and then hiding from Evan coming into work, breathing a big sigh of relief as he makes it to the main entrance doors on his own, is it going to be one of those days for him?

Henrik loses his security pass and has to go to Carole Copeland for a temporary one, she delights in telling him that no one will impersonate him, unless stilts are involved. Then she has to take his picture, the second time it works after a little hiccup the first time she tries it. Whilst he just wants to have his pass and to get to work, she keeps him there at her reception desk by talking about her divorce from Barry, going dancing and then opening an bank account, wanting to ‘pick his brains’ because Henrik is the kind of man that’d know how to help her open one, with a puff of his cheeks in relief, he collects his pass and is off, relief over his face.

Donna and Xavier talk about their current relationship situation, or the stalemate that Xav seems to think it is. She says that him saying he loves her isn’t enough, she needs a grown up, also telling him like Serena did earlier in theatre that he smells musty, or rather his scrubs do, this is because he keeps leaving them in the washing machine and they’re not drying properly.


Carole has found Henrik’s security pass, and wastes no time in bursting into his office when he’s in a meeting with two other people and giving it to him, as well as mentioning about him helping her with the bank account conundrum she had earlier, saying how she needed it to be ASAP because it’s her birthday today, smiling away at helping the CEO and reuniting him with his pass she heads out of the office, at least one of the two of them is smiling.

Serena comes to ask Donna on AAU to track down Xavier who has ‘disappeared’, little does she know that he’s trapped in the basement with scary Sue, helping Pamela a patient from AAU who wandered off from the ward, she has alzheimers as well as a leg abscess, that has now turned to sepsis and caused the elderly woman to collapse and be found in said basement. With the lack of a door handle in the room they’re both stuck in with the patient, Xavier says how they need to drain the abscess because it’s poisoning her, how they’re going to do it without the equipment they need well, let’s see.


Cameron and Nicky clash, when he takes a dislike to how Kian pretending to leave the operating theatre during an operation, leaving Nicky to cope with what could’ve been a severe bleed, but she managed to stay calm and stitch said bleed, Kian coming out from his hiding place and clapping at how well she did. Could he be causing a rift between the two best friends?

As if he didn’t have enough on his plate, Cameron then has to contend with Evan seeing him on the stairs and wastes no time in teasing him about Nicky blossoming under Kian’s guidance and Cameron being the one handing her scapels as she works, smirking as he tells Cameron that he’s teasing him and then leaving Dr Dunn stood on the stairs all manner of things in his head.

With the abscess drained with the bits and pieces they found in the room in the basement, Xavier and Sue sit and talk about his situation with Donna, her giving him relationship advice and telling him Donna needs more than him just telling her he loves her and true love is what happens at the end, not the beginning, I think Sue speaks sense Xavier.


Henrik speaks sternly to Kian in his office, telling him that this time he’ll accept that Kian acted with good intentions, but warns him that a repeat of this teaching method will cause a disciplinary against Dr Madani, a frustrated and angry Kian heads for the office door, turning back to say to Henrik that it was Cameron who reported him wasn’t it, not confirming or denying this, he simply asks Kian to close the door behind him, I think Cameron might have another thing to deal with now in the form of Dr Madani.

Unable to save Pamela, and then Serena and Donna see where Xavier and Sue are trapped, Donna goes on a rescue mission to see what’s going on, getting into the room and seeing that they were unable despite doing all they could with limited resources to save the frail old lady, as Sue passes Donna to leave the room and go home, tells her that her fella is alright with a smile, this causing Donna to look at Xavier, who is looking back at her.


Donna goes to speak to Xavier in the locker room and tell him he did a great job under the circumstances today, he goes onto tell her that he’s been acting like an idiot and he misses her, and he’d like her to give him the opportunity to make things right. She agrees to what he wants to do and says they can give it a go, nice advice you gave there Sue!

Cameron goes to have a word with Kian on Darwin about his move to AAU that Henrik has said he could do to finish his surgery rotation as an F2. Kian says that he could’ve spoken to him about things and how he was feeling with what happened, before leaving the ward.

Henrik and Carole talk in Pulses about how she lied about it being her birthday, the conversation then turns to how she likes dancing but has no partner to dance with, Henrik then rhymes off the benefits of dancing to her and how good it is, before agreeing with a nod to be her dancing partner, aww now this could be a cute pairing!


With the ending of the episode we see Nicky, Cameron, Evan and Chloe finishing their shifts and all riding the lift down to the main entrance all of them except Cameron going for a drink, he declines and heads out of the hospital, Chloe goes after him to speak to him in which he tells her that going to AAU and being off Darwin will be good for him in many ways, she then heads off to catch back up with Evan and Nicky, leaving Cameron smiling to himself at the prospect of his new ward and start, can it be all he hopes for, or is Evan going to still cause him trouble as he has been doing recently….time will tell!