Chloe is starting us off this week, in the on call room where Fletch comes to knock at the door as she gives a big yawn, she’s not been home in that long she can’t remember, instead she’s been at the hospital where Evan currently is residing. Checking her phone she’s had 3 missed calls from him and it’s only just gone nine o clock in the morning, that’s not a good sign. In Pulses she bumps into Dom quite literally, and after rescuing his croissant from the floor, the five second rule they both agree to, he asks if she’d like to go for a drink that night, which she accepts gladly.

On Darwin Chloe thanks Henrik for suggesting to her new husband that he applies for the consultants job that’s going at the moment, Henrik corrects her that Evan came to him about the job and not the other way around, this leaves her with a confused expression spread across her face, is that the first doubt in her head about her husband?

An enthusiastic Xavier is showing Donna a house he’s seen for them as she’s heading down the corridor and towards AAU, waxing lyrical about how perfect it’d be for them all, and it’s the kind of house he’d dreamed about living in when he was younger, from the look on her face though I’d say your girlfriend isn’t as keen as you Xav.


Collecting a delivery containing a book he’s ordered from Carole at reception, who obviously asks what it is because it’s Carole, they then discuss Oskar and the little boy losing his teeth and the tooth fairy, because Henrik took it upon himself to inform his grandson there’s no such thing as the tooth fairy, she tells him that although Henrik is being rational with Oskar, it’s not something that can be put under a pillow.

Asking to speak to Cameron, Chloe meets him outside the main entrance and they talk about Evan, he tells her about the personal phone call he overheard Evan on the other week to someone, Chloe asks if it was to someone called Sophie, she’s referring to the Sophie Ange phoned and left a message for at the end of the episode last week.


Evan shows another hint of his true colours as he and Chloe are talking about the subject of Sophie when they’re sat in Pulses together, he accuses her of leading Cameron on and Cameron being obsessed with her, but the aggression and possessiveness in his tone is clear to hear, and certainly stops Chloe in her tracks, as she doesn’t even stay around for the sandwich she’s just ordered and paid for, leaving the table and Evan sitting on his own. As Evan is leaving Pulses to head back to the ward, he bumps into Dom and tells him that things can change after he mentions about the brother and sister getting on better, the remark not going unheard to Dom’s ears, watching Evan leave the conversation, his expression hinting that he knows what kind of person his sisters new husband is.

In his office, after a meeting with Jac, Henrik and her discuss the tooth fairy and Jac informs him that Emma believes in the tooth fairy, that the little girl leaves notes for the fairy and the fairy replies, Jac writes the notes and the nanny does the little drawings, also telling him that the fairy uses the teeth to build her fairy castle and then departs the office, the CEO having been given lots of food for thought on this whole subject, can he make it up somehow to Oskar?

Talking with his sister in the staffroom in Darwin, Dom tells Chloe that her relationship with Evan is starting to feel rather similar to his own one with Isaac. He tells her how Evan was with him not long ago in Pulses and the way he tried to say things can change between him and his sister. Dom tells her to look at her husbands phone to find out about Sophie, will she though?

After taking Dom’s advice, Chloe manages only just to get Chloe’s number from Evan’s phone, calling her and the woman herself appearing on Darwin, when she does Chloe quickly moves her off the ward and into a room where her husband can’t see her. The two women then speak about Evan, Sophie telling Chloe that she can’t trust a word that comes out of Evan’s mouth, just as she’s about to tell more about Evan, Evan himself interrupts them, bursting into the room asking what’s going on, this appearance causing Sophie to dash from the room, can Chloe find out what the other woman meant?


Evan tells Chloe that Sophie wanted to get serious with him but he didn’t want to, that she wouldn’t let go when it ended between them, that she was harassing him and wouldn’t stay away from him, then saying that Sophie was fine when he first met her and that maybe there was something wrong with him that made her change, that’s probably the first honest thing you’ve ever said Evan!

With Donna having been avoiding him in every which way, Xavier finally manages to speak to her properly about the situation of houses and where they’d like to live. She tells him that she’s a city girl and doesn’t want to live in the suburbs like he’s been suggesting, she likes being near work and other things, hearing the traffic nearby. He tells her that living with her, being a family with her and the girls is all he’s dreaming of right now, cue a happy smile from Donna, awww Xavier!


Sophie calls Chloe back and the two women meet in Albie’s and talk, it turns out her and Evan got married, that at first he made her feel special and then this led to her feeling like nothing, that no one else would have her, keeping her away from her friends and family, and wouldn’t let her go. She tells Chloe that she always hoped she’d be able to warn the next person that Evan got with, also that her and Evan have a son together called Felix, cue the picture of the three of them on her phone that she shows to Chloe.

Taking all of what she knows, Chloe heads back into the hospital and confronts Evan, showing him the exact same picture she now has on her phone. He tries to wriggle out of what’s happened, telling her he can explain all of it, but she isn’t interested at all, telling him she doesn’t love him, that she doesn’t know him at all. He spits at her that she’s broken, damaged goods, her reaction to this is getting Evan escorted out of the building and away from her.


In a lovely scene between Carole and Henrik, the two of them look a little note that he’s written from the tooth fairy to Oskar, one she reads with a magnifying glass and tells him is lovely. This prompts him to say about their planned ‘date with the dance floor’, Carole suggests tomorrow night and he says that he’ll get a babysitter, Carole tells him that he’s the whole package in terms of a lovely grandfather, this causes a wide smile from Henrik, yeah Carole both Henrik and us both know which way you meant him being the whole package, you two would be so cute together!

In the last scene of the week, Serena is stopped in her tracks in the corridor as she heads back to the AAU with a coffee in hand, the sight of a man in army uniform talking to Cameron in one of the offices. When said man leaves, Cameron informs her that there was an explosion at the airport hospital in Mogadishu, that Bernie is missing in action, the news horrifies Serena, who gasps and clamps her hand over her mouth in shock, does this mean the worst possible outcome for Ms Wolfe? And if so how are those closest to her going to cope with the aftermath?