Rather a different opening to this weeks episode, we open with Cameron leaving a voicemail for Chloe on her phone as the camera weaves through the cottage she’s gone to for some time away. The scene we’re presented with in said cottage doesn’t look relaxing though, there’s a bloody hand print on the bottom banister of the stairs, another on the door frame, then as the shot moves into the kitchen at the back of the cottage there’s chairs turned over and on the floor, one of the back patio doors has been smashed, the glass from said door is in the house and all over the floor, plus some of it on the nearby dining table. As the camera reaches the back door and looks out over the fields at the back of the property, to the left of the shot we see what has got to be Chloe led on her back, motionless, the wind blowing outside at the same time.

We’re then taken back to the past when Chloe drives from Holby and first arrives at the cottage, parking outside the front door on the gravel driveway, she enters the property wastes no time dropping her bags on the floor and making her way into one of the fields in the back, and then screaming before laughing and carrying on walking through said field.
Meanwhile at Holby at the same time, Sophie Taylor, namely Evan’s ex and mum of his son is arriving up to Darwin on a trolley in the lift, her face battered and bruised, having been found by a neighbour collapsed on the floor, also suffering from chest pains, Nicky taking her case on.


Having just spoken to Ange on the phone, her mum checking that she’s resting like she thinks she should be after all she’s been through. Chloe then hears noise in the cottage, going to investigate she plays a couple of notes on the piano and then sees that the front door is now open, which she quickly closes again. But then there’s more, namely knocking sounds coming from upstairs, but can’t find anything, whilst up there she sees an old bike in the field at the back of the cottage and goes down to look at it, as she’s doing that she hears more tapping coming from the property, looking towards said cottage the back patio doors are now wide open.

After trying last week, Cameron tries again with Ric, going into the office he once again tries to get him to take a Dementia test, telling him he’s concerned for Ric himself, Darla and the patients and that he can’t ignore how the older man is any longer. Before anything can be done, Donna rushes into the office and tells them both that Darla’s uterus has ruptured, this causes Ric to then rush from the office, telling Cameron that this is not the time, will it ever be the right time?


Next on the list of noises is a dog barking, this irritating Chloe to the point of her shutting both the patio doors and getting back to trying to fix the broken bike wheel. This peace doesn’t last long, because to her left through the door appears, yeah you’ve guessed it, Evan.

With a phone call from his sister Charlotte that he takes on AAU, it seems like maybe there’s finally some news regarding his mum Bernie and from his reaction it’s not good news at all.

Back at the cottage, Evan starts wandering through the place and having a look around before returning back to the kitchen and telling her to stick the kettle on, before then asking her about her fixing the wheel on the bike she found, the bike that turns out is Cameron’s from when he was little.


Trying to find out what’s happened with Sophie and why she’s so anxious, Nicky learns from Sophie herself that the beating was caused by her ex Evan, that he said it was because Sophie had told Chloe and warned her, this resulting in her being so badly beaten up she ended up in Holby. Sophie goes onto tell Nicky how Evan is full of anger and the slightest thing will set him off, that they need to find out where he is because he’ll go after her, that she knows what he’s like.

Sitting outside having a drink of vodka, well Evan is, Chloe quickly tips hers into one of the nearby plants and then gets her glass back near her lips just as he looks back and it looks as though she’s drank it all. The two of them talk, he asks if she’s scared of him and she says no, not of someone who hides behind cameras and laptops, Evan then says how he did it for her, before changing tact and saying he wasn’t well, but at the same time Chloe was worse, that she is worse, that she’s not well, that neither of them are.


Realising that Chloe has been pouring her vodka away, the remnants of it dripping down the side of the pot that the plant is in, Evan gets angry, grabbing the little knife he’s been cutting limes with on the table, and slamming his fist on said table, glaring at Chloe. At the same time, having found out from Fletch via Nicky about Evan and him possibly going after Chloe after he has attacked Sophie, Ange rings Chloe as she’s walking out of the hospital, Fletch at her side. She keeps her voice calm and casually asks how her daughter is doing, that she can come and see her because she’s finished early, she’s not she’s actually dashed out of theatre. After putting the phone down, Ange tells Fletch that Evan is there, that she knows this because of Chloe’s voice, that she knows her own daughters voice.

Evan having listened to the entire conversation on loud speaker says about how Chloe’s mum isn’t coming over and she could’ve told Ange he was there. Suddenly Chloe reacts, tipping the table between them upside down and making a dash for it around the side of the property towards her car, but then uses her keys to get into the front door of the cottage, shutting it just in time before Evan can dash in behind her, then she runs through to the back doors and shuts them both, stopping him getting in and trapping his hand in the process, Evan picking up one of the nearby, metal, garden chairs they’d just been sat on and using it to hit against the glass of the door, after three strikes the glass shatters and Chloe grabs a screwdriver and runs upstairs locking herself in the en suite bathroom.
Just as she does this Ange rings her from her car as she’s driving, telling her daughter to find something, anything to defend herself with, then the call gets cut off, you’d better hurry up Ange!

Ric stood observing the final stages of Darla’s operation, Cameron putting the sutures in, or at least he starts too before Ric starts barking orders at him from behind the glass of where he’s stood, Cameron asking Donna who is also assisting to stop Ric from what he’s saying, the anguish clear on Dr Dunn’s face. After seeing this look Donna calls for someone to get Xavier here right now.

Meanwhile at the cottage, still sat on the floor of the bathroom, it suddenly is silent, this silence causing Chloe to get up off the floor and look out of the window, seeing Evan exiting via the front door and him looking around, his hands bloodied. She then leaves the bathroom, but it’s the worse idea because Evan is on the other side and we hear him grab her and this is followed by a thud, Chloe’s phone on the bathroom floor.
Then we see them fighting on the bedroom floor, Chloe desperately manages to wrestle free from him after kicking him, then runs downstairs and out of the smashed back door and into the field, sprinting across it before falling down among the wheat plant that is in said field. Hiding where she is, she hears Evan come out of the house and take hold of the little knife he had before, calling her name and telling her he’s not angry, as she scurries out of the other side of the wheat, straight to Evan, who is knelt down tapping the blade of the knife on his left hand, looking at her, before getting up and standing in front of her, asking where she is going.


Then we see Cameron talking outside of the hospital, leaving a voice mail for Chloe about him coming down to the cottage after his shift, if that’s ok with her, if it’s not then he totally understands this, the same message we hear him sending at the very start of this weeks episode. Just as he hangs up, a woman in an army uniform and a man in a suit approach him and hand him an envelope, news on Bernie that Charlotte was ringing him about before?

Xavier comes to tell Ric that Darla is going to be fine, that Ange did such a good job before she left, they both watch Cameron throwing the large, brown envelope he’s received into the bin as he walks back towards the hospital. Xavier saying how Cameron is struggling, to which Ric answers it’s a shame because he has something, but he’s throwing it all away, we don’t think how you’ve been with him has helped either Mr Griffin.

Ange pulls up outside the cottage and sees the front door open, going through it and calling for Chloe, moving through the property she sees the carnage and destruction that’s gone on, the bloodied hand prints and smashed glass that we also saw right at the beginning of this weeks episode. At the back door she sees Chloe on the floor and runs out to her, her daughter still holding the screwdriver, just coming around she points to where Evan is, Fletch shouting Ange’s name from the back door, Chloe telling her mum that she’s stabbed Evan. So Ange makes her way through the field of wheat and over to where Evan is, he’s led on the floor where he was stood when Chloe came out of the field, except this time he’s got the little knife he had sticking out of his chest, he tells Ange he tried to save Chloe but she stabbed him, that Ange wants him dead, that if she pulls the blade out he’ll bleed out, but she tells him she can’t do that, that he has to survive, shouting to Fletch to get the car just as Evan is trying to pull the knife out of his chest, that they both need to go to hospital.


Going to visit Darla’s baby in the maternity unit, Ric suddenly gets the ringing in his head again and moves away from the baby in the little cot, the ringing continuing before he then collapses to the floor.

Ange goes to see Chloe, who has moved herself to one of the empty bays on Darwin, and is now sitting on the bed in silence, her face bumped, scratched and bruised, as well as a little bloody from her ordeal. Seeing her daughter shudder, Ange asks in not so many words if Evan raped her, a look from Chloe answers the question for her, both women then breaking down in tears as Ange hugs her tight, telling her that it’s ok. She then asks Chloe what she wants to do now, that they’ll get him, that Evan will survive and he’ll get what he deserves, asking Chloe if that is what she wants, but Chloe is silent.
Ange tries to work out if what she thinks happened to her daughter in her own mind actually was what took place, asking Chloe if this is what happened, Chloe eventually says that she can’t remember if she attacked him first or not, Ange replying that Evan is going to try and say that she attacked him first, that all Chloe says is that he attacked her with a knife and that’s all they need to know, that she’s going to sort everything out for her daughter. Moving into her own office she retrieves the screwdriver out of her hoodie pocket and puts it in one of her desk drawers, before ringing the police and asking them to send someone, because her daughter was raped.

The big questions are what happens now, will Evan survive and if he does will he have a different story to Chloe’s? Or if he doesn’t will Chloe have a charge against her name? Also what kind of effect is all this going to have on an already fragile Chloe, and the people around her?