Quite the subdued and quiet, calm start to the episode this week, it’s night time and Kian is sitting at the nurse’s station on Darwin with earphones in, Serena is asleep, Cameron is in bed but isn’t asleep, Henrik is watching Oskar sleeping. Then Serena wakes up and starts typing an email to Bernie, Cameron is also on his laptop, doing an internet searching for ‘possibility of surviving a bomb blast’, quickly shutting the lid of his laptop as quick as he’d typed in the words.

On AAU the following morning, Xavier asks how Serena is doing in regards to the news on Bernie, she tells him that since being told of the explosion there’s been no news of a body or anything so maybe she’s still alive. On turning round to go and deal with a patient a familiar figure appears through the doors of the ward, Alex Dawson. Alex tells Cameron that she came to see him, does she have news of his mum?


Henrik talks to Sacha in his office about receiving a letter from Oskar’s mum, telling him that she needs more time, Henrik says that Oskar will commence his schooling in Sweden. Sacha says that Oskar is here right now and that Henrik doesn’t know how long for does he, cue a shake of the head from the CEO, it seems maybe grandfather Henrik isn’t sure his grandson belongs here with him.

Cameron and Alex talk in Serena’s office about the situation with Bernie, Alex says that it was Bernie, but Cameron isn’t convinced because of the silence and having been told nothing, then when Alex mentions the word funeral he loses his cool, telling her that they’ve not even found a body so how can she even think about a funeral, plus the fact he and no one else has heard anything from the army. Alex tells him Bernie’s body armour has been identified, that she’s sorry, then says how Bernie and herself talked about what she’d have wanted if the worst was to happen. Cameron gets angry and says that if there are any arrangements to be made then him and his sister will do them because they’re Bernie’s family, Serena comes to the door of the office and then he storms out.

Alex hands Serena a diary in the office, Bernie’s diary, telling her Bernie wanted Serena to have it, then Alex leaves the office, is this the last we’ve seen of Ms Dawson, something tells me not.


Sunny, a young woman patient of Kian’s, someone whom he seems fond of, is told by the man himself that they’ve found a shadow on her lung, a tumour, but they’re not sure of it’s severity until they do a biopsy, he seems determined to help her in anyway he can, the reason is why is he so desperate to help this particular woman?

A distraught Serena is in her office reading through the diary of Bernie’s she’s been given by Alex, with every page she gets more and more upset, Xavier coming into the office and then quickly leaving, turning the page and it being a hand drawn plan of her own house and back garden set up, proves too much for her and she breaks down again, putting her hand over her face.

Cameron talks to Chloe about all that’s been going on today, telling her that he thinks Alex is hiding something from him and about everything, Chloe tells him he should trust his instincts because he was so right about Evan, can he find out some more about what he thinks is going on in regards to his mum?


Unable to get Jac to make a space in the one up and running working theatre, Kian takes matters into his own hands, taking the scrub nurse from AAU, and sets up in one of the broken theatres ready for Sunny’s lung operation, Nicky coming on board with him but telling him that she’s doing it for the patient. When the lights go out during the operation a mobile phone light is the only option they have to see what they’re doing, Jac comes into the theatre and isn’t happy at all with what Kian has decided to do, telling him he better save her.


Jac takes Nicky into her office to talk to her about the operation with Kian in the broken down theatre, as a kind of punishment she sets Nicky to prep theatre 2 for a deep clean since it’s now been repaired, not wanting to push her luck anymore, Nicky goes to do what she’s been asked.

Next it’s Kian’s turn to be spoken to by Serena about what he’s done, she says she doesn’t like idiots and whatever is going on with him he needs to sort it out. Then says as far as she’s concerned he was unaware that the theatre was faulty, and to thank Sacha for saving his skin because of the successful surgery Mr Levy performed, it took the focus off Kian and what he’s done.


Sacha and Henrik have a heated discussion, the CEO saying that Oskar’s mum is his only hope, not him. Sacha tells his friend that he wasn’t there when Fredrick was growing up so he had no influence on his son, that it’s a good thing that he’s here for his grandson. Mr Levy goes onto to say that Henrik wants what’s best for Oskar, that he’s such a positive influence on everyone in Holby, and in this respect he’s like a father, that Oskar deserves to have Henrik look after him in the same way he looks after them all in the hospital, will he listen to Sacha?

Kian reveals to Nicky in theatre 2 that she’s prepping that his wife Vanessa died three years ago that day in a climbing accident, they were in Wales and she was ahead of him, a rock gave way and she fell, she got hurt badly and in order for him to get help he had to leave her there, but because of an incoming storm mountain rescue couldn’t get to her until the next day, when they did it was too late. He said he shouldn’t ever have left her, that she was alone, he tells her that Sunny thinks Vanessa is still alive, that he made her believe this, Nicky apologises for jumping to conclusions about Sunny being his girlfriend and things in general. They then both start to eat the couple of pizzas he’s bought for them before getting to work on the prep.

Serena finds Cameron sat in the locker room, on his own in the dark and crying, he tells her he doesn’t trust Alex and he doesn’t understand how she thinks she can just take over, how his mum is dead and he can’t even see her body. Serena reassures him that she’ll handle it, that he’s not to worry, before holding him close as he sobs.

Kian goes to visit Sunny and tells her her operation went well, that she’s got a long recovery but she’s going to be fine. But he doesn’t correct her when she mentions him, her and Vanessa going camping, instead just going along with her suggestion and telling her he’d like that, and then leaving her side room.

In the second to last scene of the episode, Serena and Alex are in Albie’s talking about the arrangements for Bernie, Serena telling Alex it’d be best if she left all the arrangements to Cameron and his family. Alex asks don’t her feelings count, which Serena counters with asking why the other woman is so set on all of this and having a part in everything, which pushes Alex to reveal how her and Bernie were back together, that they were engaged!


The last scene of the episode is a touching one between grandson and grandfather back at Henrik’s house, the CEO tucking Oskar into bed and saying how his mum wishes him to stay with Henrik a little longer. After wishing the little boy goodnight he folds the top of his backpack the right way round and places it on the nearby chair, and then heads for the door, pausing as he takes the handle to glance back at his grandson, a little smile on his face. You’re the best person for the job Henrik, he needs you!