Jac is having a bad dream of a woman taking Emma with her in the basement of the hospital, as she’s lay on the sofa in her office, telling Kian who comes into the room just as she wakes up that she was enjoying some peace and quiet due to the fact she’s on a double shift.

Starting her shift a bit later due to the loss of Bernie, Serena heads to her office and sits at her desk, bringing the diary of her late ex girlfriend out from one of her desk drawers and looks at one of the pages with a dried tulip on one of the pages, giving a mournful sigh as she does so.


Ric heads up into the AAU where Serena is still sat, he asks if she’s ok and ok to be at work, she says she thinks so. Ric tells her that he thinks the distraction of work may help Cameron in this time of grief, hopefully this is what it’ll do.

Up on Keller, Dom thanks Ange for the firm stance that she took with him last week and making him sort things out, and apologises to her for what happened, the both of them embrace, is this another positive step for mum and son.

A familiar face appears back on AAU, Alex, she was involved in an RTC on her way to the airport. Serena says she’ll take the case of the younger woman, ordering an abdominal scan since Alex has a lot of pain here, Alex telling her that she’s happy to talk whenever Serena wants too.


Jonny’s fiancee Stacey brings Jac’s daughter Emma up to Darwin, the little girl had her arm pulled by one of Stacey’s other little bridesmaids and wanted to bring Emma in because the little girl wanted to see her mum. Whilst Jac is looking over her daughters arm, as Stacey sits on the sofa in Jac’s office it’s clear the other woman is very pregnant, that she’s having a little girl, Emma asking if the baby will be her little sister, to which Stacey confirms she will be, Jac doesn’t seem impressed in the slightest.

Consulting with Sacha on Alex’s scan, they agree it’s an hepatic cyst on the left side of Alex’s liver and that they’ll do the operation down here on AAU. Telling Alex the news that they know what they’re dealing with, the two women talk about the tulip that Serena was looking at earlier, and how it was from when Alex persuaded her to go on a holiday to Cyprus together with her.


Alex continues to tell Serena stories of Bernie, before she suddenly says that she feels bad because she has lied to the older woman, this admittance of what she has lied about is cut short when another patient and their beeping monitors call for Serena to assist Ric and Donna, what has Alex lied about?

On the war path due to what Fletch has told her about things Stacey has said about Emma being spoilt due to Jac being absent from Emma’s life a lot due to work, Jac heads up to Darwin from the operating theatre with Fletch following quickly behind. She confronts Stacey about what she’s said about Emma, before Fletch intervenes and says that everyone is just trying to do their best here. Stacey says that Jac’s reputation goes before her, this touches a nerve with Jac and she demands the other woman leaves, just as she is leaving Stacey hands Jac a wedding invitation and says Emma would like her to be there. Emma is the next one to speak her mind to Jac, shouting that why do her friends go on holiday with their families, yet she has to go to summer school, Fletch takes the little girl back into Jac’s office and shuts the door, leaving a now silent Jac stood in the corridor on her own, food for thought Jac?


Emma with the help of Fletch admits to Jac that she didn’t have her arm pulled by one of Stacey’s bridesmaids at all, she just pretended that it hurt, and she did all this because she wanted to be with Jac, this sees the expression on Jac’s face soften for the first time all day.

Confronting both Carole and Henrik in the CEO’s office, Dom says what he suspects has been going on between them both, telling Carole that he knows she is lying about pretending to be going to a quiz night on that night. It turns out that Carole is going to a film with Henrik and Oskar, that she didn’t want to tell Dom this because she didn’t want him to think she was putting the little boy before him, and ruin what they’d started between them in them reconnecting, cue smiles from both Dom and Henrik. I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about Carole.


Cameron apologises for the way he’s been towards Serena, about accusing her of things with Alex, both of them deciding to take some compassionate leave to grieve for Bernie, it’s definitely the best idea for you both, get some rest and time to heal, time away from Holby.

Jac announces to Darwin that she’s looking for someone to take over as clinical lead on Darwin for a while, telling them she needs to spend some time focusing on some things closer to home for a time, that she’ll still be doing surgeries but will be going home on time every day. Then telling Kian that she wants him to fill her shoes for her whilst she’s away.

In the second to last scene of the episode, Alex tells Serena that she lied to her about Bernie, that she wasn’t the love of her life, that Serena was, that Bernie always talked about Serena, that she made the book/diary for Serena, that Bernie loved her. A tearful Serena says how she loved Bernie, that she always will, before thanking Alex as she breaks down into sobs, a mixture of grief and relief.

The last scene of the week is rather unnerving, Nicky and Chloe enter their flat, a heart shaped box of chocolates on the kitchen counter, with a note that says ‘I’m never going to give up on you. Enjoy. Evan xxx’ on them. Both women realising that Evan has been in the flat and he has keys still for their home. What now, is this the start of him cranking up his campaign to get Chloe back? And if it is how far is he prepared to go?