The lovely grandfather and grandson pairing of Henrik and Oskar start us off in Pulses this week, after having some refreshment the pair make their way into the lift with a game of I spy happening at the same time.

Lofty is pushing Dom through one of the corridors near to AAU in a wheelchair as they make their way into the hospital to change for and then start their shifts, Dom is feeling worse for wear due to the fact he’s hungover. Fletch sees them both as they come in, informing Dom that he’s working on AAU because Ric wants him down here and not on Keller today.

Kian gathers the staff together on Darwin and gives a little team talk before they all start, handing out the files to the relevant people who need them, Jac sitting in one of the chairs at said nurses’ station and watching Kian do her role for the first time. Meanwhile in the locker room on Darwin, Chloe looks over a polaroid picture that’s been left in her locker, it’s of her and Evan with the words ‘To Have + To Hold’ written in black marker underneath the photo, it seems he’s been here and in her locker, putting said picture back and her phone too she leaves the room, just as she does her phone starts to ring, who is the caller….of course it’s Evan.


Henrik has a surprise visitor waiting for him just as he’s about to go into a surgery with Sacha, Sara is the visitor and they talk, she tells Henrik she’s decorated Oskar’s bedroom and she has a new job, that it’s time he was home with her, what does this revelation now mean for Henrik and the relationship he’s built with the little boy.

Dom and Lofty also have a surprise on AAU, this lady happens to be Lily Gellar, Dr Lily Gellar, the men’s couple counsellor, and now she’s their patient, coming into AAU because she’s had a ‘funny turn’ suffering from chest pains, hopefully things won’t be too awkward given the circumstances!

Chloe tells Nicky what’s been going on and how Evan has upped his campaign to get in touch with her, that he won’t leave her alone, sending her flowers to work, constantly calling her and sending her text messages, leaving voicemails. Nicky says that Chloe needs to talk to him because they’ve had to get the locks changed on the flat because of him, that he isn’t getting the message with the silent treatment that she’s been giving him. She offers to go with her friend and colleague when she sees Evan but Chloe declines, saying she can handle it and him. Chloe quickly phones Evan and tells him that she’ll meet him at lunchtime and he’s got ten minutes, personally I do think you should be having Nicky go with you Chloe.


Henrik tells Sacha that Sara is taking Oskar back to Sweden, he suggests to the CEO that he think he should go with them to Sweden, it seems Sacha can see how painful the thought of Oskar leaving to go with his mum is, the question is can he do anything more to convince Henrik to go with them both for a while?

Talking to Evan Chloe tells him she’s going to contact a solicitor, that all he has been doing has to stop. He tells her she’s being paranoid and jumping to conclusions, he says what’s happened won’t happen again, for her not to do this to him. She tells him that the locks have been changed so he can’t come in. He tells her he’ll delete her number so he can’t contact her because that’s what she wants, as she goes to leave and get back to work, he tells her that he’s sorry he couldn’t make her happy, coming towards her he tells her this is just a blip that all couples have, that they’ll get over it and he grabs her. Her eyes widen as he does this and she tells him to let go of her, that she wants no calls, no texts, that the only way they communicate is through their solicitors, she then is finally able to head back into work, leaving an angry looking Evan stood in her wake, he balls his fist and holds it up to his mouth, he brow furrowed in anger, what is he planning?


Henrik joins Sara and Oskar in Pulses, there the two adults discuss about Oskar going back to Sweden with her, also the fact that she has to be ready for when her son starts asking questions about Fredrik and what happened in terms of him. When the little boy comes back from getting a drink, they both ready themselves to tell him their news.
Up in Henrik’s office, after telling Oskar the news of him going home, the little boy asks why his ‘Farfar’ can’t go with them, sitting on Henrik’s knee, the little boy sets the sand timer off on his grandfather’s desk, saying that when this runs out then he can get back to running Holby after their game of I spy. Oskar says the thing he is thinking of begins with F, Henrik guesses right that his grandson was thinking Farfar, cue a smile from Henrik, these two are the cutest grandfather and grandson!


Talking about what maybe causing the discomfort Dr Gellar is still in, Lofty tells Dom in the office on AAU that the older woman has been to visit her GP and they diagnosed Fibromyagia, that’s the reason for her pain, nice work Lofty. Lofty then tells his husband that he wants to stop their sessions to Dr Gellar, Dom agrees and says he can think of many different things he’d rather be doing on a Friday night, a smile and a kiss between them followed by a hug, I’d say the decision was unanimous.

Dom and Lofty confront Dr Gellar on her use of cannabis due to her chronic pain, she admits she does and has because it’s the only thing that helps her pain, seen as the doctors she’s seen haven’t helped her at all. They tell her that she needs to get help in the proper channels for her pain, after a little resistance she says that she’ll try it and she knows that this is the last time she’ll see the couple in terms of being their counsellor.


Henrik and Sacha discuss Oskar’s departure back to Sweden and how the CEO will miss him. Sacha goes onto say about medics and the fact a lot struggle to find the right work and life balance, also how much of a great grandfather the CEO will be to Oskar, this touches Henrik and he thanks his friend and colleague for saying so to him.

Heading up onto Keller, Henrik speak to Sacha and Essie at the nurses’ station, he reveals to them aided by Essie guessing that he’s going to Sweden with Oskar and Sara, the little boy doesn’t know that he’s going yet, but Essie assures him that he’ll be happy to see his grandfather. A worried Sacha says that Holby will fall apart without him at the helm for however long, but Henrik tells him it won’t, that it is in very safe hands, meaning the likes of Sacha and the rest of the staff at the hospital.

For the last scene of this weeks episode, Chloe and Nicky leave the hospital together after finishing their shifts and head to Chloe’s car, but Nicky has to run back into the hospital because she’d left her purse in her locker, meaning Chloe is alone and joined by the unwelcome sight of Evan getting into the front passenger seat of her car and leaning over her. He strokes her hair at the side of her face, before telling her he isn’t going to see his wife suffer, she tells him all she wants is a divorce, informing him that he isn’t well and all that is going on and that he’s doing isn’t normal. Chloe tells him she doesn’t love him and never has, leaning his face into hers he tells her in a creepy whisper that he knows when things are worth fighting for, and that this meaning him and her, are one of them, then he departs the car, leaving a terrified and tearful Chloe catching her breath in the drivers seat. It seems Evan isn’t done by any means yet and that his stalker campaign of terror has just been turned up a notch. The question is will Chloe tell anyone about this latest incident, and if she does what can she and her family and friends do to stop Evan’s reign of terror over her?