A rather flirty and light hearted start to things this week, Kian is in Pulses eating a cheese croissant that he just got, spotting Essie coming into work he tries to get her to try it and tell him if it tastes different to how they used to taste but she declines, telling him it’s all his. After a couple of sentences between them and him telling her she looks well, he then cheekily asks what the guys name is because he’s jealous, this joke causes her to giggle, both of them looking to Dom who has just walked through the main entrance and over to see what’s going on and if there’s some gossip. It’s then a double team from both guys who ask why she’s looking so rosy, she tells them she’s in a good mood that’s all, both of fail to get anymore information from her as she gets in the lift and up to the ward, better luck next time boys!

There’s a bit of a bromance going on on AAU between Ric and Xavier, with no Serena and Cameron,Henrik away too it’s between both of them to run the ward. Sensing an opportunity here, Xavier suggest the idea that Ric needs lieutenants, someone he can rely on, to trust to delegate and make bold decisions on the ward before Ric himself has to step in. Ric seems to like this idea, asking Xavier how the ward is and then asking him to join him in theatre, cue a rather pleased smile from the younger man.

A young woman turns up on Keller asking for Raf, and then nearly collapses on the floor in pain holding her stomach, having to be held up and moved into a wheelchair by Dom aided by Essie, her expression one of concern and confusion as to why this younger woman would be asking for her deceased husband.


The mystery woman on Keller is Lorna Tamworth, Dom and Essie double team to help find out what’s the matter with her, Lorna tells Essie that she was Raf’s patient once and she wanted his advice, both of them asking her to let Dom examine her abdomen where she’s clearly in pain, when she lifts her top up there are marks and scars on one side of her abdomen. Dom then arranges a scan for finding out the cause of her pain, do the marks and scars play a part in it?


Fletch sees Kian on the stairs and the both of them talk about his relationship with Ange, about how he thought they’d both be a bit further along that there are, surely there’s not trouble already when they’ve not been seeing one another that long?

Ric knocks over a coffee cup whilst stood at the nurses’ station looking at a patients file on AAU, he then shouts at the staff that if they’re going to eat and drink on the ward, which he reminds them they shouldn’t, could they at least clean up after themselves. When he heads into the office Xavier picks up the cup that had the coffee in, written on one side of said cup is the name ‘Ric’, is something bigger causing the older man to behave and react as he is?

Dom and Essie talk about Lorna and what she could be hiding, if she could’ve been pregnant at some point before, and did she know Raf in some other more intimate capacity than him just being her doctor at some point in the past?
After doing an ultrasound scan it turns out the infection Lorna is suffering from is due to a retained placenta, Dom and Essie both think that she’s lying about her birth of her baby, a daughter that she’s had.


An unwanted face appears in the hospital again, Evan, heading to the lift, he’s stopped as Fletch gets out and sees him, telling him that it’s not a good idea him being here, that his presence might upset some people if they see him. Evan says he’s here to clear his locker, this is something that Fletch says he can do, at first Evan resists but then hands over his key, the older man telling him he’ll meet him outside with his things, watching Evan leaving the hospital to wait in the grounds, yeah we’re suspicious of Evan sniffing around Holby too Fletch.

Bringing Evan his locker belongings out to him, Fletch and him talk, Evan stirring things up even more, saying that because Chloe hears all day how Ange cant trust men, this has caused Chloe herself to close off and not get involved with men, just as Ange heads up the ramp to go into the building and sees Evan and Fletch shaking hands, this causing her to head into the hospital, ignoring Fletch as he calls her name, has Evan put another spanner in the works between their relationship?
Fletch and Ange then move into the ground floor staff room and talk about what shes just seen and what Evan has just said. Ange goes onto tell Fletch that blokes in her past have let her down and that is why she shuts herself off, and why it ended with them. Then telling Fletch it is over between them and walking out of the room, is it really all over?


With her surgery a success, Lorna and Essie discuss Raf, the younger woman revealing that he was her mum’s cousin and she knew him when she was little, but knew him less when they moved. Going onto to reveal she had another child, a girl when she was seventeen, but this child was taken away from her. Essie tells Lorna that although she’s not Raf, she was married to him and she loved him, so she will help in anyway that she can.
A little while later Lorna who we now know is called Frankie, asks Essie if she’d take her daughter for a while until she can get herself sorted, but Essie is unsure, not knowing if it’s the right thing to do or not given the circumstances.

In theatre Ric and Xavier clash after the younger man steps in and tells Ric he was about to make a mistake, he was going to clamp the wrong end of the patients bowel. This doesn’t sit well with Ric who is insistent that he wasn’t going to do anything wrong and sends Xavier out of theatre, we think Xavier got that call right Ric, what is happening with the older man to put off his concentration so much?


Heading home after her shift, Nicky moves into the flat and Evan follows her in scaring her badly, before showing her a carrier bag full of Chloe’s things that have been in his car. He then uses the excuse of coming here also for his things, telling Nicky if she gets his things then he’ll go, but Nicky counters and says that he’s already gotten his things back from Chloe, Evan telling her he is missing a pair of headphones. Nicky goes into Chloe’s room to look for said headphones, leaving Evan sitting in the living room. She tells him that they’re not here and he knows this, telling him to leave her home, and after a few moments he does, but what has he been up to whilst she was in the other room?

Sitting outside the flat in his car Evan looks at a tablet and it turns out he’s installed a camera in the flat Chloe lives in, watching Nicky in the flat sat on the sofa talking on the phone to Chloe, a smug and pleased smirk on his face, will they ever be able to get rid of Evan, especially now he has bugged their home with a camera to watch and listen to them with.

Out in the hospital car park in the last scene of the episode, Essie meets with Frankie, who left the hospital earlier to go and get her baby daughter and bring her back to the hospital to get Essie to look after her whilst she sorts herself out for them both, the baby who is barely a few months old is called Isla. Frankie tells Essie that it’ll only be for a week and then she’ll come and get her back off her, the younger woman then gets back into the waiting taxi, leaving Essie stood cradling Isla, the baby’s car seat and baby bag on the floor next to one another. Will it only be for one week? And if it is how will Essie cope with having to give the little girl back given that she can’t have children herself?