Rather the relaxed start this week, it’s Nicky and Chloe in their flat at night, sharing a bottle of wine, eating crisps, discussing food and listening to music, both of them clinking glasses together the hidden camera Evan put in the flat last week still where he left it.
Another bottle of wine is opened and they talk about Cameron and whether Nicky would go near Cameron in a dating or fancying way again, she says no because Cameron likes Chloe, with Evan watching on his tablet he has that’s linked to the camera he looks unimpressed and angry when they start talking about getting him out of Chloe’s system, balling his right fist, will he try again to get near to Chloe in any means he can?

Feeling a little worse for wear the following morning, Chloe appears on Darwin and has just begun to start her shift when a familiar face appears on a trolley being wheeled onto the ward, Phoebe, Evan’s sister. Phoebe is somewhat hostile towards her and tells her she wants another doctor.


Having been receiving text messages from the baby sitter she got in for baby Isla for a few hours about where things are, Essie then gets a phone call which at first she rejects and then answers at the side of the ward. The call is from Frankie, Isla’s mum asking Essie to meet her outside the front of the hospital because she needs to speak to her, the question is what about and will she be taking her baby daughter back now?

With Evan the one that Phoebe called to be with her in hospital, when they talk about Phoebe not wanting anyone bar him here with her, he goes onto say there must be something wrong with him for them to all hate him like they do, I agree with you there Evan, there’s definitely something not right with you after your revolting and abusive, stalker behaviour. He tells his sister not to fight for him, not to hold this against Chloe and to make anything worse for her, that he loves her. Then he leaves the ward, telling Phoebe he’ll be downstairs if she needs him, giving a small smile in Chloe’s direction as he leaves, she watches him go.


Heading outside Essie meets Frankie at the front of the hospital, the younger woman telling Essie that she can’t take Isla back yet because she’s not sorted out yet, she goes onto say that if she stops now she might miss her chance and therefore she wouldn’t know when she’d be able to get a place and a job, causing her and Isla to be stuck, if she’s stuck then social services might take the baby away from her. Essie asks her how long they’re talking about Isla being with her, to which Frankie says she doesn’t actually know, not knowing causes Essie to get irritated at not getting any answers.
The two women move to the garden in the hospital and talk about what’s happening, Essie telling her that she’s being assessed to adopt her own child, therefore people are going to be coming to her home and looking into her life. She tells Frankie that she’s struggling and has no one to help her with something like this, that she’s struggling to get Isla to sleep. Frankie then gets a call from someone called Conor, this causing her to leave, telling her to single twinkle twinkle little star to Isla to help her sleep, what now for Essie?

Xavier recognises Kristy Maltby, the patient that Ric thinks is from the Trust with the hospital, he says JJ Maltby’s on the high street to her and she admits that’s where he knows her from, telling him to keep it down, that she doesn’t want everyone to know she makes pies. She then tells Xavier that she doesn’t know who Ric thinks she is but she’s enjoying, and that Xavier isn’t to spoil it, which he says he won’t, all the while Ric is looking at them both talking from between the blinds in the AAU office.


Essie tells Dom what is going on with Frankie and her asking Essie to look after Isla indefinitely, she voices her fears about her own adoption chances if social services or the adoption agency find out what is happening. Dom says that he will back her up by telling them that Frankie is family to her and she isn’t a stranger, but that she has to speak to the safeguarding team about all that is going on, she agrees.

Back on AAU Ric goes to talk to Kristy and tells her that all her tests are fine apart from them finding out that she has inflammation of the liver, which they can treat with a short stay. He then starts to lose his cool with her, accusing her of trying to pull the rug out from all of them at the hospital, still convinced she’s from the Trust, she then corrects him and says she’s not from the hospital Trust at all and he should watch his tone with her. He tries to rescue the situation, saying that he recognises her from somewhere, maybe an awards do or a dinner. She says she’s won the odd trophy for local businesses, that she owns and manages JJ Maltby’s, the penny drops for Ric and he realises she’s from the pie shop, he quickly apologises for his mistake, to which she says he needs a rest because he doesn’t want to make a more serious mistake, he says nothing and leaves her in peace.


Kristy Maltby then corrects Cameron when he comes to tell her about them prescribing her a course of antibiotics for her inflammation, about who she is and she is sorry if she misled him, she says she likes his attitude before he leaves her to get her things together before she leaves, he pauses before he does anything else, looking over towards where Ric is, is he another person worried about how Ric is behaving and what things he is getting wrong?

Before Chloe leaves at the end of her shift, she goes to see Phoebe whose operation on her heart was successful, telling her she’ll be staying in hospital for a little while to recover. Phoebe says Chloe could solve all that is going on, if she saw Evan for who he is, then Chloe leaves, surely she’ll not consider this advice?

Talking to Ric in the AAU office about the Maltby mix up, Cameron is told by Ric that he already knew who she was, Cameron doesn’t understand why he’d do this to him and not tell him, don’t believe him Dr Dunn, Mr Griffin was as much in the dark as you, someone needs to get Ric sorted out in some way, help him.


Evan turns up at Chloe’s door to talk to her, they discuss Phoebe and her operation out come, that she won’t be around Phoebe because Kian took her off the case. Evan starts becoming intimidating to her, getting in her face, causing Chloe to become rather uncomfortable.
Cameron and Nicky arrive home and see Evan sat on their sofa,Chloe near enough cowering on the nearby chair, Nicky tells him to get out and Cameron backs her up and tells him he doesn’t want him there in their space either.

Leaving work Dom and Essie discuss Isla, Essie telling him that Frankie took her baby back, that it was for the best, she then declines his offer of a drink, saying it has been a long day, Dom believing what she’s just told him.
When she gets back home, she speak to Isla when the baby sitter leaves, telling the baby she’s going to make it a cosy home for her until Frankie comes back, will she actually give the little girl back, given a phone call earlier on in the day made her cry in the locker room, Essie what are you up to??

Meanwhile back at the flat, the police are there since Cameron rang them, telling them there was an intruder in the house who won’t leave. The woman police officer asks to check Chloe’s phone for the messages that Evan has sent her, telling him that there was a lot of them, recognising that there are more than normal. After running a background check on him the female officer tells him that there is a record of him doing this kind of thing before and it isn’t helping Chloe, that she hasn’t seen any reason to not trust either Nicky or Cameron. When Evan starts getting angry and aggressive to her, the officer tells him to leave Chloe alone, that he isn’t to contact her again, that if he does he risks arrest and prosecution. He is then led out of the flat by the assisting male officer, then the female officer leaves too, Chloe then asks both Nicky and Cameron to leave her alone, which they do, leaving Chloe curled up on her own, still in the chair in the living room.

Will Evan leave her alone, or because of Phoebe now on Darwin, and the police involved, the camera in their home too, does this mean his campaign of terror is going to continue or even become more desperate? Can Chloe discover the camera in her home and finally take action and get rid of him once and for all?