It’s rather a wet and windy start to this weeks episode, with thunder rumbling two ambulances pull up to the main entrance their sirens on, lights flashing, Jac being the one to greet them, and ushering the paramedics in with the two patients on trolleys, a husband and wife Jonathan and Lori Robbins who have been involved in a road traffic collision and both have serious head injuries, their daughter Abigail is with them, she’s fully conscious and seems much more fortunate then her parents at the moment. Heading up to her office, Jac gets a towel to dry her hair and then looks at a picture of Emma she keeps in her desk drawer, then she changes into scrubs and heads onto Darwin, glad to be back then Jac.

Sacha is doing various tests on Lori to see how and if she responds, which she doesn’t,he then calls Abigail through into the room where her mum is, telling the young woman that they’ve done exhaustive tests on her mum and that they indicate that her brain stem is irreversibly damaged, that she’s incapable of breathing for herself because of the damage, and without the ventilator she would die. He then gives her some good news that her dad’s scan indicates healthy brain activity, that they’ll know more when he regains consciousness. Abigail then gets the chance to be alone with her mum, Sacha assuring her that Lori is in no pain or discomfort.


With Emma still on holiday with her dad Johnny and his new wife Stacey, Jac speaks to her daughter on the phone about if she’s having a good time, the little girl telling her mum she’s had pancakes, something Jac says that she didn’t like, it turns out that she likes the ones Stacey makes. When Jac comes off the phone and is irritated at this, Fletch is the one to remind her that she allowed Emma to stay there with them, that she didn’t have to but she did.

Heading to see a female patient who has come in to receive a heart transplant, Jac heads into HDU where Fletch is already with the patient and her notes, he introduces none other than Faye Morton, the arch rival of Ms Naylor. It doesn’t take long for the snide comments to start towards one another, Faye saying she was a patient at St James’s so she didn’t run into Jac. Faye reveals that she’s an alcoholic and this has caused her heart problems, but that she’s been dry for quite a while, this seems to register with Jac and she says ‘Well done’ to her, telling her that she means it, and it seems she does. As Jac heads back outside to receive more incoming patients she sees another past from the past at the end of the ramp as the ambulance heads to the main entrance, Joseph Byrne.


With Jonathan regaining consciousness, Abigail at his bedside, Sacha has the painful task of revealing that his wife suffered such brain damage that she can no longer breathe on her own, that due to this she’s on a ventilator, the distress and shock clear on his face.

Joseph is now at Faye’s bedside and it’s revealed, much to the unease of Jac, that Joseph and Faye are an item and have been for a while, this whole situation isn’t ideal in the slightest. Not long later Joseph is in Jac’s office having now changed into a dry set of scrubs. The two of them talk about how it is that him and Faye are together, he explains that one day Faye showed up and asked about having access to Harry.
He says that he heard about Jac’s shooting and thought about getting in touch, but didn’t see what good it’d do. Telling her that he’s glad that it’s Jac doing the transplant, the two of them sharing a silent look at one another, then he leaves her office, Jac balling her fist as he does so, just like she did when he left all that time ago.


With Faye not wanting Jac to do the heart transplant and asking for Mr Madani to do it, Kian being nearly at the hospital after being stuck in traffic due to the storm raging outside, Jac agrees to the switch over and says that she’ll hand it over to him. Joseph follows her and asks her not to do this, not to not operate on Faye, she says it’s not up to her since Faye made the decision and took it out of her hands, Joseph then exclaims that he doesn’t want Madani, he wants her, cue the pair of them looking at one another for a few seconds, then Jac replies that he’s better off without her, does she mean the operation or in general?

Despite the heart drugs that Sacha gave Lori her organs are failing, it leaves Jonathan and Abigail with the heartbreaking but difficult decision to turn the machines off and at the same time fulfill Lori’s wishes and donate her organs that she wanted to happen, he tells Sacha to do what he needs to do to make this happen.


Kian is still not able to get in in time to do Faye’s transplant, so Joseph asks Jac that if Faye agrees will she do it, adding a ‘For me?’ into the bargain when he’s talking to Ms Naylor outside Faye’s room, Jac replies with a simple ‘You’d better ask her?’ ,that’s definitely a yes then Jac, even more so when Faye agrees for Jac to do the operation, Nicky confirming that Ms Naylor is definitely up for the surgery.

After a few nail biting moments in Faye’s operation, the heart transplant is successful and Jac goes out of the theatre to relay the fact that Faye is fine to Joseph, he then goes to join Faye as she comes out of the operation, leaving Jac on her own for a few minutes before she heads back up to Darwin and her office, telling Fletch that she needs sleep.
Fletch then asks the question ‘Is he the reason I never stood a chance with you?’, she doesn’t answer him and simply turns to move into her office.

Not long later Joseph comes into her office and stands beside her, both of them looking out of the window at the pouring rain, they start talking about Faye and her recovery, then he says they’re planning to move away when she’s fully recovered, to make a fresh start. Standing in front of one another they discuss him still being a GP and the fact he does some locum work, he tells Jac he flew too close to the sun once, that he’d not do it again, but it doesn’t mean he’ll ever stop loving her. She tells him to have a nice life and he says the same for her, suddenly a slightly tearful Jac asks how she can without him, his simple reply is that she’ll survive. Without saying anymore Jac takes hold of his face and the pair of them kiss passionately, arms around one another, before breaking apart, with tears rolling down her cheeks she tells him to not ever come back, he then leaves the office.


It’s the next day and the storm has stopped, people are clearing up outside, Joseph is in clean clothes and Harry his and Faye’s son is at his mum’s bedside, Nicky comes in the room to do some general checks on her, this being the moment Joseph leaves the room and heads to Jac’s office, but is met with it empty, she’s not there anymore, so he starts to walk back down the corridor of Darwin ward.

In the last scene of the episode, we have a crying Jac exiting the hospital through the main doors, and heading down the ramp, unable to stop her tears she continues to cry as she looks up at the hospital and then continues to walk across the car park, too what seems to be a waiting taxi, the screen being filled with a window full of rain drops, Snow Patrol’s The Lightening Strike playing in the background as the credits then begin to roll.

What does this mean for Jac, how will she cope with what happened with Joseph, seeing him again, and will he make some kind of return in the future?