Straight into the action we go in AAU this week, Ric directing some of the staff in what to do with a female patient that has just arrived on a trolley. Moving into the office with Xavier following behind, the younger man having just arrived on the ward, Ric gets annoyed that it’s not even nine in the morning and people have phoned in sick, he’s behind on his paperwork, and that ED are sending patients up to AAU ‘they think we’re just an overflow car park’ and to top it all off he can’t remember the password I.T gave him to log him into his computer. He refuses Xavier’s offer off help and then proceeds to chuck all the post Xavier gave him into the bin under the desk, as Ric then answers the phone, Xavier catches sight of a HAPPY 65th Birthday card before he then leaves the office, asking Lofty who is already on the ward for his help with something, the question is help with what?

As Ange comes up to Darwin, Fletch tries to speak to her and tells her he’s taken her off the on-call rota but she’s less than impressed, saying that does he want her to thank him for rearranging her schedule without consulting her, then he tries again, asking if she’s going to let Evan come between them. Ange tells him that Evan isn’t some jilted lover like Fletch thinks, he asks if she’s just going to shut him out because he doesn’t just accept her version of events, she tells him this should be enough before walking off down the corridor and leaving him stood there, can these two get back on track?

Down in Pulses Essie is leaving a voicemail for Frankie and the fact that she’s not been in touch, telling her the radio silence is worrying her, asking her to ring her back. Dom finds her there and asks if she’s ok, not taking her first answer of her being ok, telling her she did the right thing in giving Frankie her baby back, the problem is Dom she didn’t give her back, she’s still got her.


Having heard Ange on the phone to the police and how the issue of Evan stalking Chloe needs evidence to back it up, Fletch then goes to see and talk to Chloe about it, saying that he wants to help her, but Chloe quickly replies that he can’t, that no one can, something tells me Fletch won’t give up that easily.

Up on AAU the Tan twins, two girls, and their mum arrive on the ward, Ric separated them at birth after they started the first minutes of life as a pair of conjoined twins, one of them has fallen out of a tree and has been up on the children’s ward, but Mrs Tan wanted Ric to treat her, he recognises them straight away and gets the porter Steven to take them to one of the free bed, telling Mrs Tan that he’ll see what he can do for them seen as it’s them.


Chloe opens up to Fletch about Evan, telling him that he could walk onto the ward at any time and there’s nothing she can do to stop him, that he has her where he wants her. She tells him the police haven’t got any proof, the only damage is in her head as opposed to physical proof. Fletch tells her she’s got her mum, her friends and him, that they’re here for her, she’s not alone.

Lofty goes to see Fletch about Ric’s outburst towards him in theatre, he says that Ric humiliated him on the ward and he wants it taking to HR. Hearing how annoyed and serious he is, Fletch closes his office door and tells Lofty to start from the beginning, is this going to land Ric in some serious trouble?

During the operation for Mi-Hi the injured Tan twin Ric zones out and hears buzzing in his head, seeming to go into somewhat of a daze, with the machines around beeping, Jac and Xavier who are in theatre with him step in and take over, Ric then coming back to his senses in all manner of the words, the sweat beading on his brow, before then helping them again.


With the operation a success Xavier once again asks Ric if he’s ok, to which he says he is, that he’s just tired, when Xavier heads back onto AAU Mr Griffin takes a deep breath knowing full well he’s not ok, as do the rest of us Ric.

Fletch heads into Albie’s where Evan is, the pair of them having a drink or two together, he tells Evan that Ange is a ball breaker, that she’s manipulative, but he just didn’t see it before. Evan replies that it’s because she’s a pro that’s why, that she makes people her puppets. With someone seemingly on his side, Evan says about how Chloe has made all the ‘good things’ he did like stalk her and break into her flat sound evil, well they were Evan! That because of all this no one will have anything to do with him besides Fletch, that Fletch has dodged a bullet with Ange.


Getting the wrong end of the stick, Sacha thinks that baby Isla who is now with Essie at the hospital because of the babysitter unable to look after her that day anymore is the child that Essie has adopted and Essie doesn’t exactly correct him. Then Ange due to seeing Sacha and Isla at the creche goes to congratulate the ‘new mum’, telling Essie how besotted with the baby Sacha is, this could get very messy I fear.

Having gotten more loose lipped as the drinks have been flowing, Evan happens to reveal and say to Fletch about the things Chloe has been doing like meditation and yoga, because he’s been watching her on the camera, this catches Fletch’s attention. The older man then accidently, well kind of not but you get the idea, knocks Evan’s drink all over him and quickly apologises, when Evan goes off to the toilet to dry himself Fletch takes the opportunity to look at his phone that he’s left on the table, bringing up the remote camera app that is on there and sees what Evan has been seeing, the camera set up in Chloe’s flat, there in front of the camera is Chloe, sat on a yoga mat in the living room with her eyes closed. Acting quickly he then gets his own phone out and rings Ange, telling her he’s just found proof that they can use against Evan but she has to be quick.

Talking to Mrs Tan, she points out that Ric seems different somehow, that she’s seen it since she’s been here. He tells her that he’s nervous about the age he’s due to be which he jokes is 39 but we all know it’s 65, we’ve seen the card Ric.

Back to Albie’s we go and just as it seems Evan is going to leave and disappear again before Ange and Chloe get there despite Fletch’s stalling, Chloe and Ange turn up together and tell Evan that they found the camera he’d put in the flat, just after Fletch tells Evan that the beer he’d been drinking whilst with him was alcohol free. Chloe then confronts him and tells him what a pathetic creep he is when Evan says that Chloe has secrets too, then Nicky arrives with the police behind her and points to Evan telling them that that is him, this as Ange and Fletch share a smile, she realises that he’s been helping all along.


Solving the problem of forgetting his password like he has been doing for most of the shift, Ric attaches a sticky note to the front of his computer, just as Xavier comes into the office, wanting to confront him for putting the blame on him in front of Jac in regards to a mistake of a transfusion instead of an infusion which Ric agreed with Xavier for Mi-Hi before, but then told Jac it was Xavier’s mistake alone. Xavier then confronts him with the mistakes he’s been making all day with patients and shows him the paperwork, the ones that Xavier has been covering for him with, asking Ric why he won’t admit it, then Ric does admit that something is wrong, attempting to wriggle out of it by once again blaming Xavier, but the younger man won’t buy it, telling Ric that he thinks he does need his help, telling the older man he’ll take the rap for him on this occasion before leaving the office.

Out in the hospital car park after the the drama of Evan, Chloe and Nicky head off to stay at Ange’s house and take her car, leaving Fletch and her to talk about what happened, he says he’d have been the same had it had been Evie. Fletch says that what Evan said about her is her life and she gets to decide who let in and when. Just as he’s leaving to go home and to his kids who have messaged him to say their hungry, Ange stops him and then hugs him before saying she’s deciding, as in deciding who she is letting in and then the two of them share a kiss on the spot where they stand, I’d say they were back on, cute!

Just as Ric is heading back to AAU after visiting the twins and Mrs Tan, Lofty asks him if he’d help him move a few boxes, moving into the room he’s met with a surprise party with Sacha, Cameron and some other staff members, the room is decorated, and there is party food and drinks, and a cake. Sacha makes a little speech about how wonderful a job Ric does and has done for many years.

In the last scene of the episode, Mrs Tan thanks Ric for all he’s done today and then when he asks her how he seemed different, she says he seemed overwhelmed and not the same Mr Griffin like before, that she can tell he’s noticed it too. She pleads with him not to ignore it if he thinks something is wrong, because that’s what her late husband did. He tells her that he will face whatever it might be and then she leaves the office.
Closing the door behind her Ric sits back at his computer and logs in, before typing one word into the internet search bar, dementia, and then hovering his mouse cursor over the button to search for it.

It seems that Mr Griffin has a very good idea what is causing all of his recent mistakes and behaviours, the question is will he open up and take the necessary steps in getting the help he needs so that it doesn’t worsen? Will he let those around him that care and love him help him?