ITU straight away this week to find out about how Roxanna is doing. The neurosurgeon is asleep in her bed, with Henrik also asleep in the chair at her bedside, it seems he’s been here all night, where else would he be, it’s Roxanna. Just as he wakes up, Essie comes into the room with a mug of coffee for him, before she then gets a text message from Gaskell to say that he’s on his way up to ITU, if only he wasn’t if you ask me.

When Gaskell gets to Roxanna’s room, he’s reading results from the last 24 hours at her bedside, he then goes onto say that he wants to induce her into a coma, but Henrik objects to his suggestion, saying that he thinks they should hold off anymore sedation in case they miss any signs of her improving, will Gaskell listen to his wishes.

Sacha is back in Holby, telling Dom that he needs to get back into his groove, this being in the form of assisting Ric in theatre, but Dom isn’t sure this is the right thing for him, thinking maybe he should be on light duties to start off with first, but when Dom asks if he’s sure, Sacha says yes and heads off for the operating theatre, is Dom right in being concerned.

Being left on his own with Roxanna, god knows why or how, Gaskell tells her he hates he had to do this but he couldn’t lose everything they’d worked for, you mean everything that Roxanna has worked for!

If it’s not Evie then it’s Mikey who’s making an appearance on Darwin, and he’s here to apparently ‘pay a visit’, making time to say ‘Alright Jacula’ to Jac, she seems unfazed by him and says hello back to him before walking away, nice comment Mikey haha. The young lad whilst talking to his grandad, says he’s come to see Steven and wants to move in with him too since it seems Evie is having such a good time, I don’t think your dad would agree to this Mikey.

It seems that Dom isn’t the only one who is talking about light duties to Sacha, preparing to go and do the operation together, Ric mentions that he thought that his colleague would be on light duties since it’s his first day back, is Sacha really ready to be back in theatre, or do his friends and colleagues have a point.

Gaskell’s patient Mrs Kendler who is due to have a brain operation, is sat on the stairs having not agreed fully to going under his knife, this turns out to be due to the fact that her husband, who is outside in the hospital car park fixing their broken down car, wants to see and talk to Gaskell himself before he operates on his wife, this request seems to make the Professor nervous, Mrs Kendler says that if Gaskell goes out to speak to her husband then she’ll sign the consent forms. Swallowing his pride it seems, Gaskell does indeed head outside and talk to her husband and explains the operation that he’s due to perform on his wife, this seems to be agreeable to him and paves the way for the Professor to continue with the surgery as planned.

Joining Gaskell in said operation a little while later is Henrik, who then proceeds to ask if Gaskell will save Roxanna, to which the Professor’s reply is that he’ll do anything and everything to save her, the importance of such a thing of Henrik to ask, is signified when he tells Gaskell that he can’t lose anyone else, and we’d all agree that he can’t, he’s suffered enough loss for one man.

Still reeling with guilt from the accident with Roxanna, Meena goes to see her and is pacing by her bedside, saying how sorry she is for what happened before she sees that the woman in bed is actually blinking as she’s talking, when she asks if Roxanna can hear her, Roxanna blinks again, is this Meena’s window of opportunity to intervene and help her senior colleague and friend?

Taking some time out in the locker room alone, Sacha is then joined by Frieda, when they begin talking she tells him that if she was in his position then she’d have done that surgery he’d done with Ric too, telling him to talk to other friends and colleagues here who listen because she doesn’t care, classic Frieda style, which makes Sacha beam a smile at her bluntness, she then leaves with her bag to head to go and box. Sacha follows along behind her down into the basement and then into her little home made gym complete with punchbag, the pair then begin talking about their mutual love and interest in boxing, as Sacha sits and watches her start sparring with the bag.

Standing in the way of a trolley to protect Mikey from getting hit by it courtesy of Gavin the school bully, wasn’t what Steven had had planned for his day, but that’s what has happened, and has resulted in him being wheeled up to Darwin to be treated by Fletch and Jac, it seems he’s going to need surgery if that coughing blood he’s doing is anything to go by!

Having made her ‘discovery’ about Roxanna, Meena makes her way up to theatre where Henrik and Gaskell still are, telling them that she’s responsive, the news seems to spook Gaskell and he quickly tells her not to do anything until he comes up, this news also makes Henrik very keen to head back up to Roxanna’s bedside, don’t blame you Mr Hanssen.
Essie and Meena talk between themselves to Roxanna and she’s responding well to them both by blinking in answer, progress here Ms MacMillan!

Ric tells Sacha that he didn’t tell him about Roxanna due to how he was at the time because of his depression, telling him that he had his best interests at heart. After being annoyed at first, Sacha calms down and says that he knows why Ric did what he did, he was thinking of you Sacha!

Trying to think of a way to communicate better with Roxanna, Essie gets a letter and number chart to use to spell out what the neurosurgeon is trying to say, it seems to be working when Roxanna starts spelling out a word that Essie is writing down on a pad of paper, this is until Gaskell is into the room and interrupts them, scuppering Essie and Roxanna’s progress by telling Essie to slow down and it could be nothing the responding that Roxanna is doing, that the neurosurgeon needs to rest, a frustrated Essie leaves the room, leaving the Professor alone with Roxanna, come back Essie, don’t leave him with Roxanna! This could be a bad move.

It’s now Sacha’s turn on the punchbag, then himself and Frieda start to spar together with her wearing the boxing pads on her hands, and Sacha punches them, it seems this mutual love of boxing could be beneficial to both of them, the friends having big smiles on their faces as the boxing continues.

Father and son Steven and Fletch are talking together, Fletch at his dad’s bedside, Fletch says that he thinks that Steven should move in whilst he recovers from his accident, could they have found a common ground and be healing their relationship at last?

Sinister Gaskell is talking to Roxanna about him always loving her and how he’s proud of her, his behaviour and sinister way of talking seems to be effecting her as tears come down her face, before he slowly gets a syringe out of his scrub pocket that was filled with an unknown substance, but could possibly have been a toxin of some sort, who knows what it could be coming from him! Without a hesitation he injects it into one of her bags of medicine that is hooked up next to her bedside, causing the screen to go black as she starts to flatline, he’s murdering her!?

Cue a load of nurses and doctors running in to give her emergency CPR and try to shock her back into life, Henrik and Meena are the ones left looking on as she’s worked on by the ITU staff, whilst outside we see the evil man himself Gaskell, walking to a quiet part of the hospital to take a moment to think about what he’s just done, tears in his eyes, as the credits roll on another episode.

It seems that he’s actually gone and done it, he’s murdered the one person who could have exposed him! Could someone else discover what he’s done to Roxanna and expose this whilst also exposing him? Surely there’s got to be some justice for him murdering Roxanna, someone has to do something now, someone has to take action?! Someone has to take him down before he takes anymore lives, someone has to stop the Professor of death, the question is, who?!