Quite the dramatic start for the episode this week, it’s 1943 and we’re in the Krakow ghetto, three women, a mum and what appears to be her two daughters one about a teenager and one younger one are running away from gun fire, the mum is killed, but the two daughters flee into a building, up the stairs and then into a room and then into the wardrobe in said room. The German Nazi soldier comes into the room and opens the wardrobe doors, before the scene then takes us to an Auschwitz survivor called Maria Edelman who is giving a radio interview about her personal story from being in the camp, on the 75th anniversary of its liberation.
Sacha is in the meeting room listening to the radio interview, looking out of the window and smiling, Ric is behind him reading some papers he’s holding and we find out that Maria is in fact Sacha’s great auntie.


A little while later the lovely Maria is wheeled into Keller, saying to Essie that it’s all a big fuss over nothing, what could she be here for?

A young girl called Bethany suddenly appears at the doors of AAU with a young man that seems to be her boyfriend, she’s got a stab wound to her abdomen. Xavier and Ange come out with a trolley and get her onto it, meanwhile her boyfriend outside is crying, saying that he’s sorry, could he have caused her wound?

Owen is the name of Bethany’s boyfriend that Cameron manages to find out as he’s sat with him in the corridor, the young man tells Cameron that they were on their way to college and a man attacked them, suddenly he gets up and runs down the corridor telling Cameron to just save his girlfriend, Cameron running after him, both of them ending up in the lift in the main entrance, Jason already in here. The lift lights go out and the lift makes a clunking sound, breaking down.


Stuck in the lift until engineers can come and help the three of them, Owen collapses, he too has a stab wound to his abdomen just like Bethany.

With the engineers forty five minutes away, Cameron has to try and keep Owen alive himself until the doors can be opened and the others can assist and help save the young man. Max is outside the lift doors giving him instructions on how to save him and allow the young man to breathe, but just as he’s about to make the vital cut using Jason’s Swiss army knife Cameron freezes and can’t do it, without a thought and even though he’s nowhere near trained Jason steps in and makes said incision, then finishing the procedure with the tube into the incision allowing Owen to breathe again, Cameron holds the tube as Jason gets up from the floor to get the tape to hold it in place. As he gets up the firemen have managed to force the doors open, everyone on the other side of the doors Max, Ange, Donna and the other staff see Cameron on the floor with Owen and they think that he’s done the procedure himself, and he doesn’t correct them but takes the credit for it despite doing nothing.

Ben tells Sacha that there isn’t anything more that they can do to try and save Maria, but Sacha won’t believe nor accept this, saying that there is always something they can do, then orders Dom to get a CT scan done for him of his great auntie. The scan results in, Ben brings them to him in the office and tells Sacha it’s as they feared, Maria has an ischemic bowel and this disease is as the result of inadequate flow of oxygenated blood to the intestines. Sacha immediately says about them operating on Maria and removing the part of her bowel that’s ischemic, but Ben replies it isn’t an option because of her being too frail and if she did survive the operation her quality of life wouldn’t be the best. When Ben leaves the office and Essie is left with Sacha, he says to her what is the point of being a doctor if he can’t save the person who made him who he is.


After what happened in the lift, Cameron goes to speak to Jason, they both talk about what happened and Cameron says quite manipulatively that Jason can’t tell anyone what he did in the lift and risk losing his job that he can’t afford to do, that Jason’s ‘secret’ is safe with him. He manipulates and scares Jason into not even telling Greta about what happened, saying then she’d be as guilty as he was if she knew, that he needs to think about his daughter and what has gone on has to stay between them two, Cameron that’s awful!

Sacha goes to see a very weak Maria in the side room she’s been moved to on Keller after telling Essie he has always loved her and always will. Maria then says it’s time for him to believe in himself, she then sees a vision at the room doors of the younger girl from the beginning of the episode in the Krakow ghetto, this younger girl being her little sister Lotte who was killed by the Nazis, Lotte is motioning for Maria to come with her, within seconds Maria smiles and closes her eyes, passing away peacefully with Sacha beside her, holding her hand.


Going to see Owen who is now in his own side room in AAU, Cameron asks what the young man remembers from the lift and Owen says not much, before then telling the older man that what happened in regards to the stabbing of him and Bethany was a racist attack, that the man who stabbed them was hassling him for having a white girlfriend, that he kept shouting abuse at Owen that Bethany then started filming on her phone to report and show the police, but the man pulled a knife out and told her to give him the phone, Owen went to protect her but she got stabbed and so did he. Owen tells Cameron that racism hasn’t gone anywhere because Cameron himself didn’t see an innocent victim in Owen when he looked at him and saw him for the first time and then chased after him, and just because Cameron saved him does that make it ok? This is a question Cameron doesn’t reply to, he leaves the room in silence.

Cameron and Chloe have a date and then go back to their flat and start kissing, but Chloe stops them midway through, he admits that he’s really falling for her and he’d do anything for her, to which she says just to give her time, before she gets up from the sofa and heads to her own room.

In the final scene of what has been a poignant and emotional episode, Sacha goes into the room where Maria’s body is and lights a candle, standing next to her beside and saying a prayer for her as he looks at her. As he is doing this at the foot of the bed there is a vision of her when she was a teenager back in 1943 and she’s looking at her older self in the bed, behind her comes her sister Lotte who takes her hand and leads her out of the room and the two visions of the girls disappear as the episode ends.