It’s a rather sad start to the episode this week, straight away we’re in Roxanna’s room and Henrik is sat at her bedside looking at her deceased body on the bed, Essie is at the door and Gaskell is at the foot of the bed. Looking shocked and bewildered at say the least at the sight of the woman he loved dead in front of him, Henrik takes Roxanna hand that is nearest to him and kisses it gently, before then holding said hand against his face and crying against it, Henrik you’re breaking our hearts, and need the biggest hug!
It seems it may, just may have effected Gaskell, as the Professor sees Henrik upset and he leaves the room, feeling huge amounts of guilt yet Professor?!

Still playing the caring friend, Gaskell accompanies Henrik out of the hospital and to the car park, Serena sees them as she’s coming into work, admitting to them that she doesn’t know what to say, Henrik says that there isn’t anything she can say, none of us have the right words to help you Henrik.

With Meena in not the best state at the moment after what’s happened to Roxanna, Nicky is covering for her on AAU this week, something Serena is grateful for. Also making an appearance for the first time tonight is Leah Faulkner, the new F1, Serena catching said F1 in the corridor taking a selfie, maybe not the best way to start your new job.
Ric takes a little trip down to AAU from Keller, to give Serena a gift of a bottle of wine for her birthday, as she and Leah are sat at the nurses’s station, you kept that one quiet Ms Campbell! When Ric has gone, she tells Leah about what’s happened to Roxanna and because of this she’d like to keep her birthday just between themselves, to which Leah says that she won’t say anything.

The reality of the consent forms for his transplant make Tyler cry and get upset as he realises the enormity of what is due to happen. Sacha comforts him and tells him that it’s fine and natural for him to feel like this before a surgery like he’s due to have.

It took Leah not much time to be called into the office for a word by Serena, the new F1 has made a psych referral for her first patient, Lyle, after she suspects he has some mental health problems, namely bipolar that needs checking to see if everything is ok, but she did this without his consent. This leads to Serena and her talking about what happened and that Serena has apologised to Lyle because she was the one who left Leah on her own without supervision for her first patient, and that now Lyle has asked for Leah to keep away from him, Serena tells her not to worry because there are many other patients for her to treat, best keep a low profile on the next one Leah.

It seems Bernie hasn’t forgotten Serena’s birthday, Donna informs her that she’s had a delivery of flowers, but they have been sat in Oncology after they were delivered there by mistake, when Serena leaves the ward to go and see them in her office, Donna informs Leah that they’re probably from Bernie, Serena’s partner, this piece of news doesn’t entice much of a reaction from the F1, could this mean something or nothing?

Taking a well deserved break from Tyler’s operation, Sacha heads up to Keller where Dom follows him and the pair of them talk, Dom tells him how he’s protective of him because he sees him as a father, to which Sacha tells him that he doesn’t need protecting, but instead needs support and that he needs to do this operation primarily for himself, we hear you Sacha, and we know you can do this operation!

Whilst Sue nips out of the staff room where the boxing match has been set up for herself, Fletch and Steven, much to the disgruntlement of Fletch who wanted to spend some time with just him and his dad, Steven informs his son that he only invited her along because she was upset over Roxanna, and that Fletch actually doesn’t know much about her to be judging her like he is, to which he goes onto tell his son that he’s not bothered about getting involved with Sue, that all he needs is Fletch and the kids. Having had his mind put to rest, Fletch can’t help but tell his dad how bad Sue has it for Steven.

After his MRI scan that Serena asked for, it turns out that Lyle has a benign tumour which is causing Cushing’s Disease, that this is causing his mood swings, acne and bruises, and not actually his bipolar, and that due to this he is going to need an operation because it’s on his pituary gland, After hearing this diagnosis, he thanks Leah for her noticing that something wasn’t quite right with him and therefore allowing this to be found and then treated. Heading back to the nurses’s station she announces that she could do with a drink, Serena tells her that she’s buying them, Albie’s it is then.

Precisely 6 hours and 20 seconds and a few close calls later, and Tyler’s operation is complete and a success, Dom, Ric and Sacha all cheer at their team effort and how well they’ve all done, nice work fellas!

Gaskell is back at Holby having taken Henrik home and is found sitting in his lab by Essie, Gaskell tells her that it wasn’t her fault what happened to Roxanna, but that it was an accident, that nothing could have been done to prevent it, I beg to differ strongly Professor! As she goes to leave the lab having heard his words, she says if he ever wants to talk, that she’d be an ear for him, when she’s gone he’s left staring at the paper file on his desk, namely at Roxanna’s name on the front of it, guilt caught up with you and eating away at you yet?!

Having settled on one of the comfy sofas at Albie’s, Serena and Leah are sharing a bottle of wine, Shiraz of course, Leah then gets a call from her mum which she ignores, and then they go on to talk about Serena’s birthday and how it’s been since she’s been at work, Leah then presents her boss with a muffin wrapped in clear wrap and a ribbon on top as a birthday gift, citing it’s all she could get at short notice, this seems to tickle Serena and she chuckles as she takes the muffin.

Meanwhile back at Holby, Jac finds Sacha crying on the stairs, he tells her he can’t be at Holby and needs to resign, that he feels broken and doesn’t want to be here anymore, not understanding the context of this, she asks if he’s talking about work…? Still talking he says that he needs to quit, can Jac persuade him otherwise?

Now on their own in the staff room, Steven reveals to Fletch that his grandad, Steven’s dad was physically abusive to him and threw him down the stairs in a rage and that he didn’t want Fletch to be at risk of this so was part of the reason Steven has done what he’s done in the past and kept a distance, at this realisation Fletch tells his dad that he didn’t understand a lot before this piece of information, but he does now, could this help heal the pain between father and son that bit more?

Conversation at Albie’s between Serena and Leah then moves to long distance relationships, and Serena says that Bernie has been in Nairobi for 8 months, after saying about how she’s been cheated on and she couldn’t do the long distance thing again, Leah then surprises her boss by reaching across and laying her hand over Serena’s, before suddenly saying that her flat is just around the corner, blantantly offering herself to Serena. Looking horrified at what has just happened, Serena moves her hand and takes a sip of her wine from the glass on the table and says she better call a taxi because of the early start tomorrow, seeming unfazed by the brush off, Leah sits with a half smile on her face, staring at the older woman, as Serena turns the other way to look out at the bar and not at the younger F1, it seems there is more to Leah than meets the eye and if so what could she be hiding? Also is she going to persue Serena even after what’s happened tonight?

In the last scene of the episode, it’s a touching and lovely one between Jac and Sacha in the corridor, she tells him that they’ll beat it together and then tells him that he’s coming to stay at hers, that it’s the one thing that she can do to help her best friend in the world, in a touching show of support he agrees that he will accept her offer and then the friends head down the corridor to go home, holding hands as they do. You can beat this Sacha and Jac will help you, their friendship is so nice and with Jac in his corner, he can beat anything!